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Small Business Phone Systems and Virtualization

By Jim Machi

There are multiple choices today for a small business when deploying a phone system. Among others, there is a choice of integrator or reseller, a choice of vendor, and a [...]

To Build or To Buy: That is the Question…

By Tyler Hurt

Luckily, determining whether to build or buy your next business phone system doesn’t have to be as dramatic as Prince Hamlet’s soliloquy. In fact, choosing between a commercial or open [...]

Important Questions to Ask when Comparing Hosted VoIP Providers

By Mac McCarver

While an on-premise PBX setup can be right for some businesses, many organizations, especially SMBs, are better served by hosted options. When you compare hosted VoIP providers with the risks [...]

Flexibility is a Key Aspect of Small Business Voice Telephony Solutions

By Jim Machi

If you are in the market for a new business communication system, then solution flexibility should be a key requirement. Today, businesses have a choice in their path to the [...]

How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse When Purchasing a Phone System

By Tyler Hurt

Are you looking to upgrade to a new phone system, but terms like “VoIP”, “PBX”, “SIP trunking” or “Unified Communications” have you confused and unsure of what to purchase? Well, [...]