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Flexibility is a Key Aspect of Small Business Voice Telephony Solutions

By Jim Machi

If you are in the market for a new business communication system, then solution flexibility should be a key requirement. Today, businesses have a choice in their path to the [...]

How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse When Purchasing a Phone System

By Tyler Hurt

Are you looking to upgrade to a new phone system, but terms like “VoIP”, “PBX”, “SIP trunking” or “Unified Communications” have you confused and unsure of what to purchase? Well, [...]

5 Ways to Save When Buying a Phone System

By Michelle Caudle

Comparing costs and features when buying a phone system can be exceedingly difficult without the proper resources. Luckily, Switchvox Product Marketing Manager Matthew Hilton sat down with Digium Account Executive [...]

VoIP for Real Estate Guide: 5 Reasons VoIP is a Smart Choice for Realtors

By Mike Taylor

Being in the real estate business, your phone system has the potential to be a huge contributor to your success. Of course, if your phone system is lacking or outdated, it [...]

How to Find Your Next Phone System: Part 3 – Cloud or On-Premise PBX

By Matthew Hilton

In parts one and two of our blog series, How to Find Your Next Phone System, we explored how to select a phone system that has the right features for [...]