Inside the Asterisk

Category: VoIP Technology

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Switching to SIP

By Jason Mefford

SIP trunking is gaining ground quickly as more and more businesses realize they can save up to 70% off of their monthly communications costs. Though SIP is a simple calling [...]

Value-Added Real-Time Communication Applications for Mobile Subscribers

By Jim Machi

Offering value-added services has always been a core part of the mobile service provider revenue strategy. Value-added services (VAS) have historically meant any kind of service beyond basic voice that [...]

Large Retailers Trust Sangoma for their Data Network Solutions

By Leo D'Alessandro

The telephony card market in general has been agreeably declining for some time. Despite this, Sangoma’s telephony card division has continued to show tremendous strength, year after year, specifically in [...]

Enhanced 9-1-1 and Phone System Compliance

By Mac McCarver

Emergency situations are always stressful and urgent. Today, at least, we have the good fortune of living at a time when our means of responding and communicating to emergencies is [...]

Switchvox & Quicklert: Making Schools Safer with UC

By Emily Arnold

Safety has always been a top priority for schools. However, in light of recent events, ensuring staff and student safety has taken on a much bigger role. Many schools and [...]