Inside the Asterisk

Category: VoIP Technology

Enhanced 9-1-1 and Phone System Compliance

By Mac McCarver

Emergency situations are always stressful and urgent. Today, at least, we have the good fortune of living at a time when our means of responding and communicating to emergencies is [...]

Switchvox & Quicklert: Making Schools Safer with UC

By Emily Arnold

Safety has always been a top priority for schools. However, in light of recent events, ensuring staff and student safety has taken on a much bigger role. Many schools and [...]

SIP Trunks and VoIP Gateways (To the Chagrin of Some…)

By Jim Machi

Even though we hear over and over that the PSTN is pretty much gone, in reality, legacy infrastructure is still in use. I know this because we still sell the gateways [...]

VoLTE and Its Impact on Enterprise

By Jim Machi

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is coming! (In fact, some areas are already using it.) And it will have an impact on your enterprise.  Incoming calls to the phone system of [...]

The Need and Opportunity for Interworking between SS7 and SIP

By Jim Machi

Even though mobile networks are transitioning to LTE, there are still plenty of 3G networks in active operation. In fact, according to the GSM Association’s report “The Mobile Economy 2018”, [...]