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The Success of Commercial Open Source Software

By Danny Windham

The Success of Commercial Open Source Software 2009-07-29 Yesterday, an article was published in Business Week by Peter Yared, who brought up some points that I’d like to address from [...]

Open Source Licensing of Asterisk- the issues are small potatoes!

By Michelle Petrone-Fleming

Every once in awhile I encounter a sticky situation that can be difficult to pinpoint a resolution for. Understanding how it is that my dog winds up with ropes of [...]

Asterisk: Tools for peace and quiet

By Digium Webteam

The topic of VoIP spam comes up every few months, and how to use Asterisk to combat the incessant and annoying stream of telemarketers who (despite my addition to the [...]

Clearing the Air

By Malcolm Davenport

Hello and greetings to the readers of our Digium blog! Our commitment to our customers and resellers is to always provide factual and accurate information in support of making informed [...]