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Educate Yourself, UC in Education

By Matthew Hilton

Telephones in schools are so prevalent and ubiquitous that most of us take their use for granted. Every day, faculty utilize their telephone systems for all manner of communication. Staff [...]

Why Schools Must Re-prioritize K-12 Education Technology Spending

By Shannon Belew

In the past five years, K-12 education technology spending in the US has steadily increased. Even while overall school district budgets consistently seem to take a hit, including proposed funding cuts [...]

Providence Classical School Graduates to Advanced Phone System [Video]

By Michael Kienzle

Summer may be upon us, but schools everywhere still depend on a good communications solution year-round, especially when transitioning to a new campus during summer break. That was the case for [...]

Diverse School Selects All-Inclusive Switchvox as UC Solution

By Emily Arnold

Frederick Bird Primary School (FBPS) is a diverse, inner city school located in Coventry, UK. They pride themselves on being inclusive, and encouraging their students to “aspire and achieve.” As [...]

On Target with Dauphin DataCom, Digium Partner

By Judie Powell

Gettysburg Area School District had a problem. The school district’s phone system was outdated and costly to maintain, so administrators needed to upgrade to something more modern, yet cost effective. [...]