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Digium Supports High School Students’ STEM Education

By Charlie Wilson

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM, for short) are vital to our future. Almost all of the 30 fastest-growing occupations in the next decade will require at least some background [...]

Technology in Education: Critical UC Features for Teachers

By Digium Content Marketing Team

Effective communication on campus is vital for helping students learn and keeping them safe. Whether it be among faculty members, students and teachers, teachers and parents, or campus-wide, every faculty [...]

UC: Schools Making the Grade by Upgrading to VoIP

By Julie Webb

School systems face a multitude of challenges when considering transitioning from a legacy phone system to a more advanced unified communications (UC) solution. From tight budget mandates to lack of IT resources, selecting and [...]

Technology in Education: Critical UC Features for School Nurses

By Emily Arnold

Communication is an integral part of the education system. Virtually every employee is required to communicate both internally and externally in some form or fashion, and each position has its [...]

VoIP, UC and Education: The Perfect Fit

By Brian Ferguson

Several times over the years I’ve been asked by analysts, customers, and others, “What types of companies or organizations are the best fit for VoIP or Unified Communications?”  There are [...]