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On Campus: Converting Legacy Phone Systems to VoIP

By Digium Content Marketing Team

As legacy phone systems reach their end-of-life stage, colleges and universities around the country continue to make the switch to VoIP. This decision to switch varies from campus to campus, [...]

4 Must-have Items For a School Emergency Alert Message

By Digium Content Marketing Team

Great schools produce future leaders, thinkers, and problem solvers. A child’s school plays a very important role in his or her life, yet there are some key components every school [...]

VoIP for Schools: Ease of configuration and installation (Part 2)

By David Dutton

Planning is an essential component of any IT project – especially when installing a new communications system in a school. Education budgets for technology projects, including phone systems, are usually [...]

Setting Up VoIP for Schools: Site Survey and Equipment (Part 1)

By David Dutton

In this special Get Schooled blog series, we take a look at how one school successfully deployed a VoIP phone system as part of a move to a new building. [...]