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Common Fears about Upgrading a Legacy Phone System

By Laura Jane Crocker

There comes a time when every business must reconsider its phone system. Maybe the current equipment is too old or faulty or maintenance fees are adding up— or maybe the [...]

SIP Trunks and VoIP Gateways (To the Chagrin of Some…)

By Jim Machi

Even though we hear over and over that the PSTN is pretty much gone, in reality, legacy infrastructure is still in use. I know this because we still sell the gateways [...]

Unique Gateway Requirements

By Jim Machi

On October 2, I wrote a blog titled “Why the World Still Needs Gateways.” I received a few comments about it, ranging from “Right on!” to “You are out of [...]

Why the World Still Needs Gateways

By Jim Machi

Someone at a customer meeting asked me a few weeks ago: “Tell me, why does the world still need gateways?” The answer to that questions depends on your perspective. If [...]