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The Cost of Not Updating a Healthcare Facility’s Phone System

By Tyler Hurt

Doctors, nurses and medical professionals alike know that, in healthcare, every second counts. Providing care for patients quickly and efficiently becomes especially important when tending to those in critical condition. [...]

The Advantages of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Healthcare

By Mac McCarver

One of the best ways to stand out in the healthcare industry is to provide a level of customer service that counters the stereotype of clinics and healthcare facilities: places [...]

How FAXStation Brings Healthcare to the 21st Century

By Jessica Campas

Last week I unfortunately found myself at the pediatrician’s office. My son needed a prescription cream, and the doctor needed to fax the prescription to the pharmacy in order for [...]

Top Switchvox Capabilities for Healthcare Professionals

By Jason Mefford

The Switchvox Unified Communications (UC) solution is so flexible and easy to manage that it fits in well with just about any businesses. But the combination of features, integration capabilities, [...]

The Rise of Mobility in Healthcare

By Brian Ferguson

If you’ve had a doctor’s appointment recently, or been a patient or visited a friend or loved one in the hospital lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed that medical technology has [...]