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Healthcare Providers Benefit from UC with Switchvox Phone System

By Julie Webb

Healthcare professionals are constantly on the move, requiring communication tools that provide instant access to vital information and quick access to colleagues and patient care teams. Unified communications (UC) helps provide [...]

National Doctor’s Day: Committed to Communication

By Digium Content Marketing Team

Today is National Doctor’s Day, an annual event dedicated to celebrating and thanking physicians for their dedication and service to individual lives and their communities. The first Doctor’s Day was [...]

Flu Season Highlights Role of Technology in Healthcare

By Digium Content Marketing Team

The start of the New Year means getting back to business as usual for most of us, but for many workers across the country, it also ushers in the need [...]

Healthcare Providers Turning to UC for Flexibility and Savings

By Julie Webb

The Healthcare industry is rapidly evolving with new technological advances and Unified Communications is increasingly providing a much-needed solution. All types of health provider-related organizations can benefit from implementing a [...]