Inside the Asterisk

Top 10 IVR Mistakes

By Allison Smith

I have a few years under my belt voicing prompts for Asterisk systems and many other business phone systems, and I can tell you that there are some universal mistakes [...]

5 Tips for the Best IVR Auto Attendant Messaging

By Allison Smith

If your company has an IVR auto attendant system, chances are good that it might be the very first impression of your business for many of your customers or clients. [...]

Why Financial Firms Are Investing in Unified Communications

By Digium Content Marketing Team

In the highly competitive financial services industry, every piece of technology implemented makes a difference in the client’s experience. Investing in a business communications solution that maximizes efficiency and creates [...]

Get the Most out of Your Phone System with IVRs

By Brian Ferguson

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features, commonly known as auto attendants, are among the most underutilized tools in phone systems, today.  IVRs include a wide range of options and integration possibilities [...]

Call Center Solution: Keeping the trucking companies, trucking

By Julie Webb

What does a heavy-volume call center do when their call capacity overwhelms their existing phone system? They get moving and start the search for a more affordable and flexible solution – one that [...]