Inside the Asterisk

Most Commonly Asked Questions When Evaluating a Phone System

By Brian Ferguson

As businesses are evaluating phone systems for a new purchase, or as part of an upgrade to a legacy system, there are some fairly standard questions that tend to come [...]

All About VoIP [Infographic]

By Digium Content Marketing Team

  Many small businesses are transitioning from a traditional, legacy (land-line) phone system to a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution. As a business owner or office manager responsible for leading a phone [...]

IVRs for Your Business: An Interview with Allison Smith, The Voice of Asterisk [Video]

By Brian Ferguson

  Every time a customer calls your business, they encounter your phone system’s interactive voice response (IVR). Telephone prompts that are inviting and creative can increase business and reinforce your [...]

Let’s Talk IVRs at ITExpo and Asterisk World 2015

By Allison Smith

ITEXPO East is approaching – and I’m more excited than ever to be asked to present at Asterisk World 2015. No sooner has Astricon wrapped up, and I’ve already shifted [...]

Asterisk Live with Allison Smith, the Voice of Asterisk

By Billy Chia

For this week’s edition of Asterisk Live I was able to catch up with Allison Smith while at ITEXPO in Miami. Allison is a professional voice actor who provides voice audio [...]