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Business Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide: Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Business Phone System

By Mike Taylor

You may not realize it, but having the right business phone system can drastically improve your business. Most people don’t immediately think of investing in a new business phone system [...]

The Benefits of Virtualization [Video]

By Michael Kienzle

Obstacles such as shrinking budgets and lack of IT resources, has made business phone system virtualization (Virtual Voice) a must-have technology for many businesses.  Get up to speed on the [...]

Voice Communication – When Your Life Depends On It

By Steve Harvey

For emergency management personnel, from fire fighters to ambulance drivers, mission-critical communication is at the center of every call. For the rest of us, communication is a significant part of [...]

4 Tech Trends Small Businesses Need to Know

By Mike Taylor

If you run a small business and you’d like a competitive advantage, noticing and staying ahead of technology trends can be one of the most important ways to gain an edge [...]

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Remote Workers

By Mike Taylor

There was a time (not too long ago) when working from home was a foreign concept to most. Even though workers wanted the option, employers considered it not only challenging [...]