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Digium, the TDM410, and the Genie

By Malcolm Davenport

Things overheard on the Interwebs: “I wish Digium had a four-port analog card with hardware echo cancellation.” “I wish Digium had a four-port version of their Voicebus analog cards.” “I [...]

Digium Announces New E1/T1 and Analog Interface Cards

By Malcolm Davenport

Aloha, There’s actually so much excitement that I’m having to split this into two posts.  We’ll do the first one now, and the next one another day. Today, Digium announces [...]

HPEC Update

By Malcolm Davenport

Aloha, For all of you Digium HPEC users out there, we’ve made another update, this time to version 9.00.007, the James Bond release.  The previous release, 9.00.005, maintained a release number [...]


By Malcolm Davenport

Howdy, Yes, it’s another products posting. 😀 First up, all of you existing HPEC users out there should upgrade now, ahorra, to the newest release, 9.00.005.  For those of you [...]

Pimp your wct4xxp

By Malcolm Davenport

And I mean that in the strictest Xzibit-sense of the word. Matt Fredrickson’s been putting a lot of work into the multi-port digital card driver. That’d be the following cards: [...]