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Introducing A-Series Phones for Asterisk

By Malcolm Davenport

While many people use Asterisk for its robust capabilities, others use it as a low or no-cost alternative to expensive, proprietary phone systems.  These customers need affordable, basic IP phones [...]

New Release of Switchvox Strengthens Mobility and Call Convergence Features

By Matthew Hilton

Did you know that Digium has released another exciting new release of Switchvox?  It’s true.  Switchvox version 6.6 takes the already popular features of Mobility and Call Convergence and makes [...]

Top-tier UC Appliances: Switchvox E-Series

By Matthew Hilton

You’ve had a chance to meet half of our new E-Series Switchvox appliance lineup, the E510 and E520, and now it’s time to meet the varsity players on our roster. [...]

New Analog Gateway for Complete End-to-End VoIP Solution

By Malcolm Davenport

Digium is renown for our telephony interface cards.  Without humble bragging, the low-cost telephony board revolution, which began in 2001, exists because of Digium.  If you’ve been a board customer, [...]

A Better Appliance But Not Quite BB8

By Matthew Hilton

Meet the Switchvox E520 We’re not yet facing an intergalactic war, nor do we have Androids or humanoids living amongst us (at least not of the Star Wars caliber). So, [...]