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Open Source Asterisk 15 Released

By Malcolm Davenport

Today marks the launch of Asterisk 15, the next great release of Asterisk.  Asterisk 15 continues in the line of previous major releases, such as Asterisk 13 and Asterisk 14.  [...]

Introducing a More Powerful Business Phone System with Simplified Pricing

By Emily Arnold

For years, Digium has been considered the best value in Unified Communications (UC) for its commitment to providing businesses with top-of-the-line VoIP phone systems with enterprise-class features at an affordable [...]

Improved Call Control with Switchvox My Calls Widget

By Matthew Hilton

Switchboard My Calls Widget  With the release of Switchvox 6.4, a small, but interesting thing happened to the My Calls widget.  It grew up.  It got more, um, widget-ness.  With [...]

Digium Phones: DPMA 3.4.1 and Digium Phone Firmware

By Malcolm Davenport

Aloha! Last time, we talked about some of the fun features in DPMA 3.3.0 and phones firmware * Wallpaper support, so your D6x phone can look like this: * [...]

Enhance Your Mobile Calling Experience with Apple’s CallKit and Switchvox

By Emily Arnold

Today we are excited to share with you the latest release of Switchvox Softphone for iPhone! The Switchvox Softphone app takes full advantage of iOS 10 and the many features [...]