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Putting Some Numbers Behind the Unified Communications Value Proposition

By Jim Machi

Businesses buy new phone systems for a variety of reasons. There could be a new location. The old phone system might have been outgrown or may just be too old [...]

What Your Unified Communications Phone System Does in a Typical Day

By Jim Machi

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog explaining what Unified Communications is. If you use a UC phone system, you might not even know where it physically is. Perhaps [...]

How UC Simplifies Phone System Management

By Mac McCarver

Maintaining and administering phone systems has not always been easy. And, as businesses need more and more functionality, phone systems have become more advanced to accommodate. Luckily, those tasked with [...]

Why Phone System User Experience is Important

By Mac McCarver

Ever tried to open a door with a vertical handle by pulling it, only to find it’s a “push door”? Or a door with an obvious “push” handle that inexplicably [...]

Why It’s So Important to Take the Day Off (and How UC Can Help!)

By Mac McCarver

The US Travel Association in its 2018 State of the American Vacation report estimates that 52% of US workers have at least one unused paid day off. It also reports [...]