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Common Fears about Upgrading a Legacy Phone System

By Laura Jane Crocker

There comes a time when every business must reconsider its phone system. Maybe the current equipment is too old or faulty or maintenance fees are adding up— or maybe the [...]

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Switching to SIP

By Jason Mefford

SIP trunking is gaining ground quickly as more and more businesses realize they can save up to 70% off of their monthly communications costs. Though SIP is a simple calling [...]

Why the World Still Needs Gateways

By Jim Machi

Someone at a customer meeting asked me a few weeks ago: “Tell me, why does the world still need gateways?” The answer to that questions depends on your perspective. If [...]

Everything You Need to Know about SIP Trunking

By Blakeley Kilgore

What is SIP Trunking? Chances are you use your work phone on a daily basis and rarely stop to think about what makes your calls or messaging work. However, if [...]

Power Your Voice Communications with Digium SIP Trunking Services

By Matthew Hilton

Did you know that Digium offers stand-alone SIP trunking services? That’s right! The company that’s been a leader in all things VoIP for almost 20 years is also a wonderful choice [...]