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What Internet Speed Do You Need to Support VoIP?

By Mike Taylor

If you’re considering a VoIP phone system for your business or organization, you’re probably well aware of the many benefits a VoIP  (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system has to [...]

PRI vs SIP Trunking: Which is Better for Business?

By Digium Content Marketing Team

For several decades, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) consisted of only analog lines, which were physical connections between endpoints. In the 1980’s, the telephony industry began preparing for digital [...]

5 Common SIP Trunking Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

By Brian Ferguson

SIP Trunking has changed the way companies pay for phone service.  Today, over 66% of companies have adopted SIP Trunking and are saving up to 70% off their monthly phone [...]

SIP Trunking Offers Advantages for Resellers and Their Customers

By Pete Engler

As a reseller, offering cutting-edge technology products and services to your customers can be high stakes. If the gamble pays off, you will have a happy, long-term customer who brags [...]

6 Business Benefits of SIP Trunking

By Digium Content Marketing Team

The business world is saturated with various IP telephony solutions because of the multiple benefits they provide. One type of solution is SIP trunks (or SIP trunking), which continues to [...]