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Growing Sales in a Tough Economy

By Jim Butler

Many years ago, I accepted a sales position which required me to relocate from Chicago IL to Dallas TX. As a frequent traveler, I had a relationship with a trusted [...]

Paris is for Lovers, Miami is for Switchvox

By Digium Webteam

If you’re planning to travel, you can usually find a guidebook tailored for your specific interests- Hawaii for cyclists, Panama for foodies, and China for art lovers. Well, think of [...]

New Version of the Switchvox Outlook Plugin

By Digium Webteam

I’m happy to announce that there is an updated version of the Switchvox Outlook Plugin, originally released in mid-2005, that integrates Switchvox SMB with popular Microsoft Office and Outlook software. [...]

Clearing the Air

By Malcolm Davenport

Hello and greetings to the readers of our Digium blog! Our commitment to our customers and resellers is to always provide factual and accurate information in support of making informed [...]