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Cover Your Asterisk: Uncovering Clones and Counterfeits in Telephony Cards

By Gayle Magee

Digium created and is the innovative force behind Asterisk, the most widely used open source telephony software in the world. Our revenue sources, which help to maintain and develop the [...]

Digium Releases New Analog Board, AEX410

By Malcolm Davenport

Howdy, Today, Digium announces the immediate availability of the AEX410. The AEX410 is a four-port modular analog PCI-Express x1 telephony interface card for use with Asterisk. This product is a [...]

Digium Announces New E1/T1 and Analog Interface Cards

By Malcolm Davenport

Aloha, There’s actually so much excitement that I’m having to split this into two posts.  We’ll do the first one now, and the next one another day. Today, Digium announces [...]