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Choosing between On-Premise and Cloud? Here’s How.

By Laura Jane Crocker

The debate around which phone system method reigns supreme has been building for years. Most modern vendors will offer either a hosted or on-premise offering, which can limit their perspective [...]

Keeping the New Workforce Engaged with Unified Communications

By Digium Content Marketing Team

The people who make up today’s workforce and the way they approach their careers has undergone dramatic change with the rise of the younger generations. Whether working for a small [...]

11 Reasons System Administrators Love Switchvox

By Digium Content Marketing Team

When a system administrator is tasked with upgrading a business phone system, there are several boxes to check when comparing solutions. Employees care about features and integrations, managers care about [...]

Common Fears about Upgrading a Legacy Phone System

By Laura Jane Crocker

There comes a time when every business must reconsider its phone system. Maybe the current equipment is too old or faulty or maintenance fees are adding up— or maybe the [...]

Unified Communications and the Promise of Cloud

By Jim Machi

About nine months ago, IHS Markit and Sangoma presented a webinar titled UCaaS and the Small Business: Adoption and Implementation. I was recently checking something out and went over the [...]