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Tag: Unified Communications

The Place of VoIP Firewalls in Your Network

By Mac McCarver

In a previous blog, we described the concept and purpose of a session border controller (SBC). An SBC ensures the security of a PBX network. But implementing an SBC into [...]

What is UC in 1 Minute and 45 Seconds?

By Jim Machi

I still regularly get questions asking me to explain Unified Communications systems. It’s a murky topic, so that’s understandable. There are various reasons the topic isn’t as clear as it [...]

A Day in the Life of Switchvox [Video]

By Michael Kienzle

When you experience a day in the life of Switchvox, you understand how Unified Communications (UC) connects your workplace like never before. Switchvox unifies your business with your employees and [...]

The Future of Chat with Business UC

By Jim Machi

One of the core elements of Unified Communications is chat. Think about communication in a corporate environment. You probably have a business chat tool, such as Google Hangouts, HipChat, Slack, [...]

The Importance of Open Source Technologies in Communications Solutions

By Jim Machi

Open source technologies are important in both enterprise and service provider communications solutions.  In fact, many CTOs have goals in mind for increasing the percent usage of open source software in [...]