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Healthcare Providers Turning to UC for Flexibility and Savings

By Julie Webb

The Healthcare industry is rapidly evolving with new technological advances and Unified Communications is increasingly providing a much-needed solution. All types of health provider-related organizations can benefit from implementing a [...]

Why Unified Communications? (NEW Infographic Explains)

By Betsy Pruitt

If you've been asking, "Why Unified Communications?" - the answer is simple. UC saves your business time and money - 115 minutes a day per employee. As this Unified Communications Infographic shows, that adds up to $920,000 a year in savings for a company with 100 employees. [...]

Best Value in UC: Leading analysts, Frost & Sullivan Announce Results

By Angie Reed

And, the winner is… I am pleased to announce that Digium, and specifically Switchvox, is the recipient of the following Frost & Sullivan Best Practices award: Frost and Sullivan Best [...]

Digium Replacement for 3Com NBX and VCX

By Jim Butler

Since HP’s acquisition of 3Com, HP made the decision to discontinue the popular NBX and VCX IP PBX platforms. While some customers will elect to keep their systems until they [...]

Is your network ready for Unified Communications?

By dfaulk

As a Sales Engineer at Digium, I spend a lot of time helping customers determine if their network is suitable for VoIP & Unified Communications (UC). This is increasingly an [...]