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Tag: Unified Communications

Is your network ready for Unified Communications?

By dfaulk

As a Sales Engineer at Digium, I spend a lot of time helping customers determine if their network is suitable for VoIP & Unified Communications (UC). This is increasingly an [...]

PBX in the Cloud or in the Closet?

By Bryan Johns

This opinion piece covers the arguments for and against hosted and premises PBX deployments in different customer and usage scenarios. It also explores the merits of a third, "co-located" solution design as a legitimate alternative for certain requirements. [...]

Finding a dCAP on LinkedIn

By Digium Webteam

If there’s one thing growing faster than the number of Digium-Certified Asterisk Professionals worldwide, it is the number of opportunities for their skills to be applied. Deep telephony integration requires [...]

What was I thinking?

By Danny Windham

This is the second most frequently asked question I have received since agreeing to leave a perfectly wonderful job as president of a large, publicly-held, well-established, and successful supplier of [...]