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Because Asterisk is a public product, Digium loves to interact with the business and user community at a wide range of some of the most notable events, conferences, and trade shows.

Every Thursday
Aug, 2014

Want to see Switchvox UC in action?

See why this is the smart choice for your next business phone system. We’ll show you how much more you can do with a Switchvox Unified Communications system. This is more than a phone system – it’s a better way to communicate. We host this weekly live demo every Thursday at 2PM CDT and allow time for Q&A at the end. Get your VoIP questions answered in this webinar.

8 - 10
Sep, 2014
Moral Convention Center
New Orleans

Cloud Partners

The cloud has changed everything in the channel—business models, sales cycles, the conversation at the point of the customer and the vendors that partners are working with to meet customer demands. No matter where you have grown up as a partner—as a VAR, Solution Provider, Agent, SI or MSP—if you are selling cloud based solutions to meet your customer's business needs, then you are a Cloud Partner.

Cloud Partners is squarely focused on the most important issues affecting the cloud channel today:

Visit Digium at booth 801

12 - 16
Oct, 2014
Dubai World Trade Center

GITEX Technology Week

GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2014 - the gateway to the Middle East, Africa and South Asia's ICT Industry. Get ready to experience an even bigger GITEX - featuring top technology brands from around the world, exciting interactive features and cutting edge conference programmes.

22 - 24
Oct, 2014
Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa
Las Vegas, Nevada

AstriCon 2014

AstriCon's mission is to expand awareness and knowledge of Asterisk over the course of a three-day conference and exhibition. AstriCon includes a wealth of information for every Asterisk user, whether you are getting started or have already discovered the power of Asterisk.  AstriCon gives all members of the Asterisk community - including telephony enthusiasts, developers and businesses - a forum to learn about the technology. Asterisk integrators and business users can expect to hear the latest Asterisk news and project updates, gain access to in-depth technical sessions, participate in networking opportunities, meet potential collaborators and review and discuss detailed case studies of Asterisk projects. 


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Previously Recorded Webinars

May, 2014
Recorded Webinar

From Download to Deployment: The Winning Lineup for an end-to-end Asterisk Solution

Meet our all-star players, and hit it out of the park with your next Asterisk solution.

From download to deployment, Digium’s winning product lineup offers everything you need for the easiest integration and highest quality custom communications solution. Digium, the Asterisk Company, is the primary sponsor and maintainer of the Asterisk Open Source software. Digium products are designed specifically for Asterisk, giving you the best value and tightest integration possible.

Join us for a FREE webinar, as our team captain and Asterisk expert, Billy Chia, covers the entire lineup of Asterisk hardware designed specifically for your custom Asterisk solution.

  • Are you looking for PSTN connectivity? Digium telephony cards and VoIP gateways provide easy set up with your Asterisk system.
  • Do you want high quality SIP desk phones? Digium IP phones tightly integrate with Asterisk like no other phones on the planet.

In this webinar, you will learn about dependable Asterisk solutions to help grow your business, delight your customers and save valuable time. 


Recorded Thursday, May 22 at 2pm CT

May, 2014
Recorded Webinar

Can Your Phone System Keep Up? Communications that keep pace with your business

Communications Systems That Deliver Flexibility

The business world is changing fast. Today’s customers are savvy buyers with an arsenal of information at their fingertips. Competitive pressure demands that companies constantly improve - or risk getting left behind. With this continuously evolving business landscape, successful companies, like yours, understand the need for flexibility in order to thrive. You need systems and technologies in place that not only meet these extreme market conditions, but continue to protect and prepare your business for the changes that are coming down the road. Having to use systems that don't have the capability to adapt can force a company into a corner - making it difficult, if not impossible, to compete. 

There is no greater need for flexibility than in your company’s communications system. In the past, companies have been forced to make extremely large investments on traditional phone systems, only to get stuck with out-of-date features, huge support fees, and no easy (or affordable) way out. With the appropriate planning and right solution, your communications system – whether a hosted VoIP or prem-based system – can deliver powerful, customer-centric functionality with the flexibility you need to keep up with change.

Join us for the next webcast, as our VoIP experts tackle the issue: “Can Your Phone System Keep Up? Communications that keep pace with your business.” You will also see how Switchvox, Digium’s Unified Communications system, helps ensure your company never gets backed into a costly corner with an outdated, inflexible communications system.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Easily provide quality communications tools for a remote workforce
  • Handle the complexity of geographically dispersed locations
  • Ease the transition from traditional voice systems and services to the Cloud
  • No longer be locked in to one deployment method
  • And more!
Apr, 2014
Recorded Webinar

Have you Done Your Homework?

Unified Communications Solutions for Education

In today’s world, no institution has more unique and complex challenges than schools. Growing safety demands, unique parent/teacher relations, diverse staff and student populations, extremely complex buying processes and continued budget reductions - these are just a few of the issues presenting schools with substantial problems, with limited resources for solutions.

For schools looking to solve their communications challenges, there is a technology upgrade that can have a significant impact, and still fit within a shoestring budget. With mobility, collaboration tools, and simple management, a modern Unified Communications system is the simplest and most cost-effective way to improve communications for almost any job role in the school.

Join our VoIP experts on Tuesday, April 22 for our webinar, “Have You Done Your Homework Yet?” to see how Digium’s award-winning UC system, Switchvox, is changing the way teachers, administrators, and IT staff communicate. In this webinar you will learn how Switchvox can:

  • Improve the safety in your school
  • Create better parent/teacher relations
  • Untether your staff from their desks with mobility features
  • Easily integrate with existing equipment
  • Save money by providing several deployment options to best suit your campus layout
  • Save time by automating mass communications during weather events or emergencies
  • And much more!

Do your homework with us! And see how to get the answers to your communications problems with Switchvox and Switchvox Cloud.

Apr, 2014
Recorded Webinar

Switchvox Undercover: Top 10 Ways Your Phone System Can be Used as a Marketing Machine

Make Your Phone System a Marketing Machine

Are you looking for a unique competitive advantage to help your business thrive? When it comes to marketing and sales building, you may be surprised to discover that your phone system can be that secret weapon you need! We’re going undercover with Switchvox to show you how easy and affordable it is to turn your business phone system into a marketing machine.

Join us for an information-packed discussion with Digium’s marketing and VoIP expert, Brian Ferguson. Discover the top 10 ways a Switchvox phone system makes your marketing campaigns more effective, more profitable, and significantly easier to manage.

In this webinar, you’ll learn 10 ways a Switchvox phone system helps you:

- Generate demand and track results
Implement more effective lead generation campaigns
Create targeted, outgoing marketing campaigns
Deliver world-class customer service
Determine ROI of your campaigns

Register now for the webinar and get ready to rev up your marketing efforts with Switchvox!

Mar, 2014
Recorded Webinar

Is Your Phone System Old School?

Your school has invested in everything from smart boards to iPads – but what about your phone system?
Does your current communications system fit in with today’s modern technological advances in education – or is it a vintage relic from the past, like chalkboards, protractors, Trapper Keeper’s and metal lunchboxes?
Educational institutions face challenging and unique problems everyday, and there is no tool more important to success than an advanced communications system. The flexibility and reliability of a Unified Communications (UC) system can create safer, more efficient, more organized, and more productive classrooms, lunchrooms, dorms, and libraries. It has a robust feature set that benefits every role on campus.  
Join us for our webinar on March 25th, “Is Your Phone System Old School” and see how Digium’s powerful Switchvox UC system is changing the way educators communicate.  Our VoIP experts will show you how to turn your phone system into a powerful tool for teachers, administrators, and school IT staffs.  
In this webinar, you will learn how Switchvox can:
• Improve the safety in your school overnight
• Create better parent/teacher relations
• Untether your staff from their desks with mobility features
• Easily integrate with existing equipment
• Save money by providing several deployment options to best suit your campus layout
• Save time by automating mass communications during weather events or emergencies
• And much more!
Mar, 2014
Recorded Webinar

FreePBX® Phone Apps and Digium IP Phones

Do you want the best IP phones for your FreePBX installation? Digium IP phones are high-quality HD voice handsets designed specifically for Asterisk and Asterisk-based systems, like the FreePBX Distro. By using the FreePBX Endpoint Manager, you gain access to specialized phone apps. These are native apps that run on your desk phone, providing productivity enhancements for your users. 

Join Preston McNair, VP of Sales and Marketing at Schmooze Com, Inc., as he presents the benefits of using Digium IP phones together with FreePBX phone apps. Digium IP Phones have been certified with the FreePBX platform, so you know you are getting the highest quality phones with certified interoperability. 

Feb, 2014
Recorded Webinar

Clamoring for the Cloud: 10 Reasons Hosted UC is Risk-Free with Switchvox

Have you been hesitant to try a hosted phone system solution because it’s too difficult and expensive? Are you considering hosted Unified Communications (UC) but worry about making the jump because you’re not convinced it’s right for your company? Are you just not comfortable with the risk of such a big transition? Fear no more! Switchvox has taken its award-winning UC system into the Cloud. With our unique, 100% risk-free offering, you can be confident in your decision to move to a hosted UC solution.  

Join us to discover 10 important reasons why Switchvox Cloud helps your business take the risk out of transitioning to a hosted UC phone system. In this webinar, our VoIP expert will prove to you that Switchvox Cloud will change the way your business communicates, while giving you the security of knowing that you’ve made the right choice.  

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Protect your CapEx and avoid expensive hardware purchases.
  • Ensure your network infrastructure is ready for a smooth transition to a hosted solution.
  • Get the robust features and stability of an award-winning premises-based system – in the Cloud!
  • Remove barriers to a cloud solution by starting with a 30 day, completely risk-free trial that includes IP phones and requires zero money down at signup.
Dec, 2013
Recorded Webinar

Winterize Your Office: 10 Tips to Help You Prepare for the Elements

Have you ever had to deal with business slow downs during weather events? Ever lost employee productivity due to school closures and snow-covered highways? Have you ever felt frustrated because you're losing money because of Mother Nature?

Winter is upon us and now is the time to make sure that your office is ready to face the elements! Power outages, road closures, and school closures are just a few of the things that can have a severe negative effect on productivity and your bottom line. Having plans in place and creative work options for your employees can be the difference between profit and loss during the winter months and other challenging weather events.

In this webinar, our VoIP expert will give you 10 tips to help you winterize your office. Here are a few of the topics that will be tackled:

  • How to deal with power outages
  • What a disaster recovery plan should look like
  • Tips to help build a productive remote workforce
  • Tools to manage while working from home
Dec, 2013
Recorded Webinar
8AM, 2PM and 9PM CDT

The Smartest Phones for Your Asterisk Install

VoIP deployments can be difficult and time-consuming. Traditional IP phone provisioning requires battling with tools that are overly complicated for the task. And, when users finally do get a new phone on their desk, it just doesn't behave the way they need it to.

But, what if IP phones could be made easy?

With auto-provisioning and tight integration with Asterisk - the world's most popular open source communications software, you can deploy Digium IP phones in minutes instead of days. Additionally, just like Asterisk itself, Digium IP phones are highly customizable. This means you can deliver a solution truly designed for the needs of your customers or business.

In this information packed, 1/2 hour webinar, Billy Chia, Asterisk marketing manager for Digium, will show you how Digium IP phones tightly integrate with Asterisk to give you more value. Topics include:

  • Auto-provisioning with the Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA)
  • Native phones apps for intuitive user workflow
  • Custom phone apps via Digium's JavaScript API
  • SmartBLF (Busy Lamp Field) - the power of Asterisk at the press of a button

Join us for this quick and informative webinar. You will learn how to cut time on VoIP deployments and provide real value to your business or end users. SysAdmins become IT heroes when they use Digium, and Asterisk Integrators will earn repeat business from satisfied customers. Sign up today!

Dec, 2013
Recorded Webinar

Smart Deductions for Small Business

Barbara Weltman, leading small business tax expert, Brian Ferguson, Digium

Your business deserves a break...and a few extra deductions! With healthcare costs exploding and the general cost of business rising at an unhealthy rate, you need to understand how to keep more of the dollars you earned in 2013. Join leading small business tax expert, Barbara Weltman, in this live webinar and discover how to put end-of-year tax savings opportunities to work for your business. Hurry! Some deductions, like Section 179, will decrease dramatically in 2014. Time is ticking to make every dollar count!