Call Queues

Queue Experience

Remote Queue Members

If you have remote employees, Switchvox can route calls to them, including calls from a queue. Callers would never know if they were talking with an employee in your main office or a remote worker on the other side of the world.

Ringing Options

With flexible options for ringing the members of call queues, you can let your best call agent handle your top customers, or give all calls equal importance. Your options are Ring All, Round Robin, Fewest Calls, Least Recently Called, Random, and In Order.

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Queue Member Status

Permanent and Login Queue Members

Queue members (sometimes called agents) can be in a queue as a permanent queue member, or a login member. Permanent members are always included in the Ringing Strategy, which means that anytime a call comes into the queue, that member's phone rings according to the Ringing Strategy.

Acknowledge Call

Protect calls from being answered by unauthorized individuals (like kids, and very smart dogs!) when an employee's call is ringing a home phone, mobile phone, or even a Switchvox extension in a common area.

Visualize Your Queues

Queue Status

See the calls that are happening in a call queue at the moment, plus the day's statistics on a queue and its members. Those statistics include things like the number of completed and abandoned calls, and also member information such as completed and missed calls, and login and paused time.

Invisible Queues

Using call queues doesn't need to mean your callers feel like they are receiving impersonal treatment and waiting in line. Check a box, and calls waiting in the queue hear regular ringing tones until their call is answered.

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