Digium Culture

Digium is a young and fast-moving company with an energetic and hip culture that reflects the philosophy of Asterisk and the open source revolution.

Our vision is a world based upon open communications. Our mission is to transform the way businesses acquire and operate their communications systems through the application of open source software.

Digium was founded on the notion that the customer should have control over the technology that goes into his telecommunications systems, a rare notion in the proprietary world of Telecom. Since the inception of Asterisk, the idea of open source communications technology has been revitalizing an industry which was at one time crippled by the dominance of monolithic dinosaurs.

Digium employees find an added joy in their work knowing that they are pioneering this revolution. The Digium offices are filled with innovative problem-solvers in every department, not just in engineering, because fresh thought has been key to Digium's success from the very beginning.

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