Because Asterisk is a public product, Digium loves to interact with the business and user community at a wide range of some of the most notable events, conferences, and trade shows.

Every Thursday
Dec, 2017

Want to see Switchvox UC in action?

See why this is the smart choice for your next business phone system. We’ll show you how much more you can do with a Switchvox Unified Communications system. This is more than a phone system – it’s a better way to communicate. We host this weekly live demo every Thursday at 2PM CDT and allow time for Q&A at the end. Get your VoIP questions answered in this webinar.

Jul, 2017

5 Reasons to Invest in UC

Uncovering the Real Benefits of Upgrading a Legacy Phone System

“Upgrade Now.” “Don’t Delay.” “Your Technology is Outdated.”

You hear these messages all the time, but how do you really determine when the time is right to upgrade your phone system? And, how do you justify the cost of a new technology?

It’s time to sort through the product options and identify a Unified Communications (UC) solution that is really worth the investment.

In this new webinar, our VoIP expert, Jason Mefford, will break down the top five reasons to invest in UC. We’ll discuss how the right UC solution:

  • Offers ROI and TCO optimizations to increase your bottom line
  • Increases business efficiencies, agility and responsiveness
  • Empowers your sales and support teams to provide an optimal customer experience
  • Enables productivity gains through integration capabilities
  • Enhances business processes to elevate employee and caller satisfaction

Register now and discover how your business could benefit from improved communication and collaboration.

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7 to 11
Aug, 2017


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Chicago, ILR
26 to 29
Sep, 2017

Cloud Partner Evolution

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Austin, TX
3 to 5
Oct, 2017

AstriCon 2017

AstriCon is celebrating it's 14th year in Orlando! As the longest-running event devoted to all-things Asterisk, AstriCon celebrates one of the most influential open source telecommunication projects in history and also its future impact on the communications industry.

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Orlando, FL
Omni Resort at ChampionsGate

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Previously Recorded Webinars

Jun, 2017
Recorded Webinar

Discover the Power of Asterisk

Getting Started with the Asterisk Open Source Telephony Platform

There are endless choices for communications products on the market, and the task of finding the right solution can take you on a journey of complex pricing tiers and feature set comparisons. Asterisk, the free open source solution, could be the answer your organization’s needs. But you still need to understand which option is right for you - building from scratch with Asterisk source code, or using a pre-packaged Asterisk-based solution with a GUI (graphical user interface).

In oour latest webinar, Discover the Power of Asterisk, David Duffett, Worldwide Community Director for the Asterisk project, discusses options for building solutions using raw Asterisk and the command line interface (CLI) or using a version with a built-in graphical user interface (GUI). 

He also discusses the basics of open source telephony and the underlying Asterisk architecture, and reviews the best practices on how to properly structure Asterisk.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Basics of open source telephony
  • Best practices for how to properly structure Asterisk 
  • Summary of Asterisk and Distributions
  • Getting started using Asterisk
  • Additional resources, training and products to enhance your Asterisk knowledge 
  • Followed by Q&A

No matter your skill level with Linux, whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, after viewing this webinar you will be able to decide the best approach to starting your Asterisk journey. Watch now!

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Jun, 2017
Recorded Webinar

What To Do When Your UC Vendor Calls It Quits: Protecting Your Investment and Moving to a New Solution

What To Do When Your UC Vendor Calls It Quits:
Moving To A New Solution While Protecting Your Investment

There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding longstanding, “too big to fail” companies that are declaring bankruptcy - or worse, filing for dissolution or acquisition. When one of these companies is involved in your day-to-day business operations, the news can be quite alarming. 

Even when your vendor stays in business, you could get notified that your existing technology solution is being retired by the vendor (better known as End of Life, or EOL), or maintenance and upgrades are no longer being supported. How do you respond and prepare to transition solutions when your deployed technology hits dead end? 

Think it couldn’t happen to you? Consider these headlines: HP buys 3COM. Avaya files for Chapter 11. Toshiba announces closure of telecommunications division. Cisco is Abandoning SMB Market (End-of-Life for the Cisco UC for Small Business).

For each of these recent headlines featuring Unified Communications (UC) providers and their product lines, there are many business leaders and IT managers who broke a sweat as their investment in a ‘sure thing’ seemed to erode overnight.

In this webinar, learn how to protect your investment and discover the next steps you should follow to ensure your company’s success should your UC vendor call it quits. Matthew Hilton, Digium Product Marketing Manager, will guide you through some tips and suggestions on how to:

  • Determine if a bankruptcy (Chapter 11) filing notice is a good thing
  • React and respond to EOL announcements
  • Prepare to migrate to a new solution
  • Minimize cost and disruption during a transition to a new solution
  • Evaluate vendor viability and purchase a system that is less likely to disappear

Watch now to learn how to protect and prepare your organization for UC vendor news - whether it’s good, bad, or uncertain.

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May, 2017
Recorded Webinar

VoIP Vacation Guide

How VoIP Can Solve "Out of Office" Challenges

Absent employees shouldn’t be a burden on your organization. With the advanced functionality of Unified Communications (UC) systems, maintaining productivity and open communications is a cinch – regardless of who is in the office.

Taking advantage of mobility features, such as converged phones and Find-Me Follow-Me, enables employees to maintain remote connectivity at all times. Altering call routing rules ensures clients are taken care of if a large number of employees will be out at the same time. And, temporary greetings and messages keep customers up-to-date with contacts in your organization and help provide a consistent customer experience. 

In this webinar, learn more about how these UC features and many others are vital to keeping your organization productive and connected, particularly as employees are getting ready to take time off for vacations. Matthew Hilton, Digium Product Marketing Manager, will walk you through creating an action plan for this summer and show you how UC can keep your organization running smoothly.

In this webinar, Matthew will discuss:

  • How to utilize mobility options for on-the-go and remote employees
  • How to route calls more efficiently with IVRs and auto attendants
  • How to increase customer success with call queues and temporary greetings
  • How UC alleviates the pressure of new regulations for employees working outside of office hours

Watch now to learn how to keep your organization running smoothly while employees are away.

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Apr, 2017
Recorded Webinar

Graduating to a Better Phone System: UC Works for Schools

Put away your cheat sheets and study guides, this on-demand webinar is your ultimate resource for understanding what it takes to deploy a new phone system in your school or university. 

As a school administrator or IT team member, you are often tasked with evaluating when to replace a legacy phone system, or how to upgrade communications for a campus expansion. And, no matter what, it absolutely must fit within the budget. Not to mention, you've got to sell your recommendation to other decision makers and be confident that YOU selected the RIGHT solution. 

Before you tread too deeply into your next phone system project, take 50 minutes out of your day to hear from some VoIP experts working in the trenches every day. Our guest panelists, trusted advisors and partners for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, have guided education customers, just like you, in the selection and successful deployment of next-generation communications solutions. 

Topics covered include:

  • Common triggers that force an upgrade and the impact that has on the success of a phone system project
  • Overcoming road blocks that delay, halt or influence the technology selection process
  • Evaluating and properly prepping network infrastructure for the transition to VoIP
  • Overview of typical deployment options: on-premise, cloud and virtualization
  • Case studies: real world examples of other schools' phone system projects (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

Ready to ace the test for your next phone system deployment?

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Mar, 2017
Recorded Webinar

Closet Versus Cloud: Where should you keep your phone system?

On-Site or in the Cloud? 

Where you choose to keep your business phone system is a big decision and each option comes with plenty of pros and cons. How do you decide whether an on-premises system (on-site) or a hosted solution (cloud-based) is better for your organization? 

Let Digium help you decipher the differences between each solution type and learn how to make the smart choice for your next phone system. 

Join Matthew Hilton, Digium’s VoIP expert, for our webinar, “Closet versus Cloud - Where should you keep your phone system?” as he explains the choices available for today’s advanced Unified Communications deployments.

In the webinar, Matthew will help you answer the following questions:

  • What are the specific benefits and tradeoffs of choosing on-premises or cloud solutions?
  • How does mobility or a softphone help to enhance your choice?
  • How does the initial investment and long-term ROI compare between solutions? 

This all-new webinar is geared towards anyone looking for a new phone system, whether you are technical or not. You will gain valuable knowledge about the IP PBX space and the initial choices that must be made when evaluating your next phone system.

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Jan, 2017
Recorded Webinar

Letting Go of a Legacy VoIP System

Upcoming Webinar with Industry Analyst Frost & Sullivan

Many businesses are at a crossroads with their communications systems. Existing phone systems that are past their useful life often suffer from numerous functional shortcomings and maintenance concerns that are both a distraction and a liability. 

As an educated buyer, you need to understand how next-generation Unified Communications (UC) solutions resolve problems associated with legacy phone systems and where it makes sense to invest your dollars. 

Join Digum, and our special guest expert and industry analyst, Rob Arnold, from Frost & Sullivan, as we review recent research on the phone system market and discuss the must-have modern UC features that bring more value to businesses and the workforce, allowing both to effectively move forward.

This interactive webinar session will discuss:

  • Enhanced benefits delivered by next-generation UC solutions
  • Deployment and consumption options available today
  • Why end-to-end deployment matters   
  • How to create the right UC roadmap for your organization
  • Prioritizing criteria to choose a vendor or service provider

Watch now to learn how a holistic approach to conferencing and collaboration leads to improved business outcomes and agility.

You'll also receive a FREE copy of the new Frost and Sullivan white paper, Unlocking the Value of Unified Communications.

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Dec, 2016
Recorded Webinar

Finding A Tech Partner That's All About YOU: What to look for in a Value-Added Reseller

Finding a Technology Partner for Your Business

At first, IT was simple. Configure some computers, some switches and maybe throw in a router and firewall and you had yourself a basic LAN. But as technological advances have marched forward, IT staff are now responsible for more infrastructure than ever before. And with VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) becoming more integrated with other internal systems and third-party applications, IT departments are expected to administer them as well. For other businesses, running a lean operation means having limited or no IT resources in-house. Whatever your situation, managing your technology infrastructure is often a daunting a task. A Value-Added Reseller (VAR) or Certified Partner can lessen the burden on your organization while maximizing the return on your IT investment.

Value-Added Resellers, Partners, Advisors, Specialists - no matter what they call themselves - they are your answer to successfully implementing a Unified Communications Solution. But how do you tell Company A from Company B?  How do you know what questions to ask, if your'e not a UC expert yourself? Is it possible to distinguish between the "good guys" and those who are only interested in a one-time transaction without quality or follow through? And perhaps the most important question, how do you know that you're getting a good value for the services being rendered?

Join Matthew Hilton - Digium’s VoIP Guy - for our latest webinar, “Finding A Tech Partner That's All About YOU: What to look for in a Value-Added Reseller” as he explains how to educate yourself prior to selecting a VAR, how to evaluate potential VARs and how to continue your relationship long after a successful UC Solution installation.

In the webinar, you’ll learn the five basic steps to selecting a VAR that will work for you. And believe it or not, the process is easier than you might imagine, you just need to START:

Search, Test, Assess, Review, Trust

Join us and discover how to transform your business communications from basic to powerful with an all new UC experience featuring not just any Partner - but the right Partner for YOU.

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Dec, 2016
Recorded Webinar

Asterisk 14 Under The Hood

Join us for an exclusive webinar with Matt Fredrickson, engineering manager and technical lead over the Asterisk project. In this webinar, you will hear about the newest improvements and capabilities added to the world’s most popular open source communications platform.

The latest standard release of the Asterisk project, Asterisk 14, features a more user-friendly communications framework that is equipped for modern networks and includes improved media capabilities. Asterisk 14 makes deployment and scalability easier with many new improvements to the Asterisk REST Interface (ARI), including the addition of media retrieval and media playlists.

New SIP publish support gives users the ability to publish extension state to a SIP subscription server, and a complete overhaul of the core DNS capabilities enables administrators to deploy Asterisk into any unified communications solution.

Watch now as we go “under the hood” of Asterisk 14 to explore the communications engine designed for smoother deployments. Matt Fredrickson details the latest enhancements and features added to Asterisk, then follows up with a brief Q&A session!

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Nov, 2016
Recorded Webinar

VoIP 101 - An Introduction to Voice Over IP

Everything You Need to Know about VoIP

You’ve heard the term Voice Over IP (or VoIP), but maybe you aren’t completely sure what it is. Now is the time to learn the basics of VoIP and what it can do for your business.

Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly referred to as VoIP, is changing the way businesses connect and communicate. Perhaps your company has an outdated phone system, or you’re spending too much time, energy and budget on limited or outdated features. If so, it’s time to move to a communications solution that utilizes VoIP.

Upgrading to a VoIP-based phone system is an investment that not only helps your business save on phone system costs, but also increases overall efficiency and productivity with modern Unified Communications (UC) features like mobility, call control, analytics and call recording. Discover how to enhance communication with your employees and customers by utilizing a VoIP solution.

Join Matthew Hilton - Digium’s VoIP Pro - for our latest webinar, VoIP 101 - An Introduction to Voice Over IP as he explains what VoIP is, how it works and also demonstrates some of the benefits it can provide your business.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is VoIP (and also learn other common telephony terms)
  • How a VoIP-based phone system can save your business money
  • How to prepare your business for a VoIP-based solution
  • What new features are available with a VoIP phone system
  • And much more!

Join us and discover how to transform your business communications from basic to powerful with an all new UC experience featuring VOIP.

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Sep, 2016
Recorded Webinar

The Basics of IVR

An Introduction to IVRs

The first interaction a customer has with your business is often over the phone. And the first voice they hear is probably the automated message providing prompts to the correct extension - but is it the right message?

While IVRs (or Interactive Voice Responses) can be helpful and time-saving for your business, there are some tricks to making IVRs efficient and effective for your customer. 

In this informative and fun webinar, the Queen of IVRs - Allison Smith, discusses the basics of using IVRs for your business phone system. We're betting you've met Allison before, or at least heard her voice when calling in to national companies like, Target®, The Home Depot®, Sprint®, Marriott®, State Farm®, Toyota®... You get the idea; Allison is a well-known, professional voice talent and she has lots of tips to share. 

Allison will join Digium's Jason Mefford (an IVR pro!) to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the most successful companies handle automated messaging. They'll also show you how to incorporate IVR best practices into your business. 

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • What an IVR is and what types of businesses need it
  • How to build a strong foundation for your call flow
  • Which types of messages to use and how to avoid sounding like other companies
  • Methodologies to ensure your IVR reflects your company identity
  • How to create an IVR that respects the caller’s time and vastly improves customer experience
  • Examples of IVR best practices
  • How the right phone system simplifies IVR set-up and management

Register today and learn how you can successfully implement IVRs for your business.

"Many clients have a great fear of writing their IVR prompts... It’s important that your IVR reflects your company’s personality and identity in your industry. "

 - Allison Smith, the

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