Because Asterisk is a public product, Digium loves to interact with the business and user community at a wide range of some of the most notable events, conferences, and trade shows.

Every Thursday
Dec, 2017

Want to see Switchvox UC in action?

See why this is the smart choice for your next business phone system. We’ll show you how much more you can do with a Switchvox Unified Communications system. This is more than a phone system – it’s a better way to communicate. We host this weekly live demo every Thursday at 2PM CDT and allow time for Q&A at the end. Get your VoIP questions answered in this webinar.

May, 2016

Open Source Summit 2016

Open Source represents technologies that allow modification based on its design being publicly accessible. Its wide application in different areas including business, education, government, health, law and other disciplines of life allows its acceptability. The Open Source community is made up of those who believe that open participation and sharing can tackle the business, social, environmental, and technological challenges facing us today. Open source is not just a philosophy but also a culture.

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Opp Dubai Mall, Dubai
Al Murooj Rotana
31 to 3
May, 2016 to Jun, 2016

CommunicAsia 2016

Watch the future take shape at Asia’s representative event, CommunicAsia2016. As devices become increasingly connected, the Internet-of-Things is expected to expand exponentially with the number of internet-connected devices predicted to exceed 40 million by the year 2020. Revolutionary innovations will also abound as crowdfunding empowers the masses to turn their ideas into reality. At CommunicAsia2016, experience how the latest technologies in 3D Printing, IoT, M2M, Mobile Apps, OTT and more, will raise efficiencies at work and home.

Cohesive Technologies will be showcasing with Digium at Booth No. BQ2-11, Basement 2,Level 1 & 3

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Marina Bay Sands

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Previously Recorded Webinars

Apr, 2016
Recorded Webinar

The Basics of SIP Trunking

Everything You Need to Know about SIP Trunking

Are you trying to understand SIP Trunking and how it relates to a VoIP phone system for your organization? Have you heard about the cost savings, but aren’t comfortable with how it works?

SIP trunking has changed the way companies get phone service - and it’s led to the realization of significant cost savings and added feature benefits that solve many business communications problems. Infonetics Research has released data showing that SIP Trunking adoption rates have doubled over the past four years; and over 55% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are now taking advantage of the cost savings and flexibility delivered with SIP Trunking.

Even with all the benefits, it’s understandable why companies hesitate to move to SIP Trunking. Hesitation is often due to the seemingly overwhelming technology requirements needed for a successful transition from your old service. It can also be daunting to try and decipher the terminology associated with SIP Trunking service, especially when trying to compare vendors and service options.

Join VoIP expert Brian Ferguson for Digium’s newest webinar, “The Basics of SIP Trunking.” He provides an overview of the features and benefits of SIP trunking service and guides you through considerations for ensuring a successful transition.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

    An overview of SIP Trunking and what terms to know
    All the ways your company can save money with SIP Trunking
    New calling features that will be available to you
    How to assess your company network to ensure you are ready for SIP
    How to take advantage of SIP Trunking without a new phone system

Watch now and learn all about an easy way for your company to save money and simplify your infrastructure with SIP Trunking.


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Mar, 2016
Recorded Webinar

Part Five: 2016 Business Communications Trends - Productive Utilization of Data

Utilizing Communications Data to Grow Your Business

Today’s modern Unified Communications (UC) systems have the ability to deliver a substantial amount of data that, if used properly, can be used to assist in problem discovery and significantly improve decision making. Metrics like abandoned calls, hold times, agent log-in times, and more give supervisors and managers the information they need to ultimately improve customer relationships, generate more revenue and grow their business. 

Join us for the fifth and final webinar in our 2016 Business Communications Trends series, “Productive Utilization of Data” where UC expert Brian Ferguson will explain how businesses are using information from their phone system to help increase revenue and drive business objectives.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What data is available with a modern UC system
  • How to turn that data into useful information for decision-making
  • The best ways for data to be delivered to decision makers
  • Specific use cases where companies have turned communications data into business success

Who should attend this webinar?

  • As a business owner, you will understand what information is available and how it can help you make better business decisions.
  • As an IT manager, you will see the different ways to access communications information and deliver it to the people that need it most. 

Register today and see how your company can utilize communications data to help you better understand the way your business communications, improve customer experience, and increase revenue.

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Mar, 2016
Recorded Webinar

Part Four: 2016 Business Communications Trends - Communications & the Web

Understanding WebRTC and its Potential for Your Business

If you’re viewing this page in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Microsoft Edge, you already have the power of WebRTC at your fingertips. Your browser has what it takes to serve as your phone, video console, screen-casting system and much more. Still in its infancy, WebRTC is already having a profound impact on the communications industry.

This one hour webinar hosted by Steve Sokol, Digium’s marketing director for developer products, explains how WebRTC works and how you can participate in what is shaping up to be the next revolution in communications. The presentation focuses on the key use cases that WebRTC enables today, and includes a look at some of the fundamental changes that will take place when WebRTC reaches maturity.

The presentation includes:

  • The basics of the WebRTC technology
  • Key WebRTC applications and use cases
  • Business opportunities and concerns
  • Benefits of WebRTC for the mid-size business and enterprise
  • WebRTC and Asterisk

Watch now and discover how the communications and the web work together to enhance your business.

Recorded March 8th, 2016.

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Feb, 2016
Recorded Webinar

Getting Started with Open Source Telephony: A Beginner's Guide to Asterisk

Not sure where to start with Asterisk? We'll guide you through your options.

There are endless choices for communications products on the market, and the task of finding the right solution can take you on a journey of complex pricing tiers and feature set comparisons. Asterisk, the free open source solution, could be the answer your organization needs. But you still need to understand which option is right for you - building from scratch with Asterisk source code, or using an Asterisk distribution.

Join Digium, sponsor and maintainer of the Asterisk Open Source project, for our latest webinar, A Beginner's Guide to Asterisk. In this webinar, Justin Hester, Digium’s lead Asterisk technical instructor, joins Steve Sokol, Asterisk marketing lead, to detail options for building solutions using raw Asterisk and the command line interface (CLI) or using a distro with a built-in graphical user interface (GUI). They also discuss the basics of open source telephony and the underlying Asterisk architecture, and review the best practices on how to properly structure Asterisk.

In this webinar, you will learn:   

  • Summary of Asterisk and Distributions
    • Asterisk as a toolkit
    • Distros - a more complete package with a GUI
  • Getting started using Asterisk
    • Architecture - Linux + Asterisk
    • Difference between CLI and GUI
    • Versioning
    • Additional resources & training classes
  • Digium's lineup of Asterisk hardware

No matter your skill level with Linux, whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, after attending this webinar you will be able to decide the best approach to starting your Asterisk journey. Watch now!

Recorded February 25, 2016.

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Feb, 2016
Recorded Webinar

Part Three: 2016 Business Communications Trends - Enabling Business Processes

Connecting Communications to Business Applications

Are you looking for ways to increase employee efficiency and productivity? Is your customer experience suffering from employees spending too much time looking up customer information? 

From linking employee presence with calendar events to providing click-to-dial functionality in your CRM, or delivering the caller’s customer information to your employees before they ever pick up the phone - Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the bridges that connect your communications system to your key business applications. These types of development examples are just a few of the many options possible when using APIs. The freedom and flexibility offered through the use of APIs are just a couple of reasons that APIs are a major trend for business communications in 2016. 

Join us for part 3 of our 2016 Business Communications Trends webinar series, “Enabling Business Processes-The Power of APIs,” where Unified Communications (UC) expert Brian Ferguson explains how businesses are using APIs to integrate communications into their key business applications.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How APIs work and how they benefit companies of all types
  • Specific use cases on how companies use APIs today
  • Tools to help you get started with APIs

Who should attend this webinar?

  • As a business owner, the high-level content will help you better understand the benefits of APIs and why it’s worthwhile to invest resources in APIs.
  • As an IT manager, this webinar will show you some ways to use APIs with your business communications solutions and how to discuss the benefits of APIs with other company decision-makers so you can get resources approved.

Watch now and see how APIs can enhance productivity and efficiency in your organization.

Recorded on Tuesday, February 16, 2016.

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Feb, 2016
Recorded Webinar

Part Two: 2016 Business Communications Trends - Evolving Work Styles

Support Flexible Work Options with Your Business Phone System

In today’s evolving business environment, the ability for firms to support a mobile workforce is transitioning from an optional perk for employees to a critical component for continued business success. The number of remote workers in the U.S. has grown 103% from 2005 to 2014; and 80-90% of the U.S. workforce would like the option to telework at least part-time.* Embracing this trend provides benefits for both your employees and for your business overall.

A more mobile work environment means employees spend less time commuting and can enjoy increased flexibility in terms of when and how they work. Firms reap the benefits of a greater talent pool, cost-savings, and improved productivity. But first, your organization must have a business phone system that can support flexible work options.

Join our second webinar in the five-part series, “2016 Business Communications Trends: Evolving Work Styles.” Our VoIP Expert Brian Ferguson discusses how today's business phone system solutions provide the communications and collaboration tools your company needs to support this growing trend.

You will learn how UC enables your firm to adapt to evolving work styles, helping:

  • Provide cost-savings for your firm
  • Increase productivity and flexibility
  • Attract and retain better talent from a larger recruitment pool
  • Raise employee satisfaction
  • Support business growth and expansion

Watch now and learn how to improve your business communications with flexible work options.

Recorded on February 2nd, 2016.





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Jan, 2016
Recorded Webinar

Part One: 2016 Business Communications Trends - The Evolution of IT Organizations

Modern Communications Systems Driving Changes for the Role of IT

For decades, the responsibility of IT within organizations has been generally consistent across different industries and individual companies. A person or team of people evaluate, implement and support the technology needed to help that business be successful. IT has served both proactive and protective roles for the organization, with much time spent in the background working on ongoing system maintenance, employee support, and disaster or downtime planning.

However, new technologies and processes have created a major shift in IT priorities and workflows. The result is that companies are able to increasingly use the IT team’s expertise across the organization in a way that goes beyond maintaining and protecting systems - helping drive revenue.

Cloud, mobility, and tools for system integration are enabling the companies that take advantage of these new options to refocus their IT department and use them as a true competitive advantage.

Join our VoIP expert Brian Ferguson for our latest webinar, 2016 Business Communications Trends: The Evolution of IT Organizations, as he discusses how communications technologies are enabling businesses, like yours, to turn their IT staff from system managers to revenue generators.

In this webinar you will learn how:

  • Cloud has changed phone system management.
  • BYOD and mobility have eased remote user management and cost.
  • API-friendly phone systems are allowing for communications to be integrated into existing key business applications.
  • And much more!

Watch now and see how modern communications systems are leading role change and empowering IT professionals.

Recorded on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016.

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Dec, 2015
Recorded Webinar

Part Four: Asterisk Open Source Communications Solutions - The Right Equation for Your Business

Solve Your Communications Challenges with Digium & Asterisk

Communications systems can be the lifeblood of any organization. With a wide assortment of solutions available in today’s market, choosing the right one involves careful consideration of your organization’s specific communications needs, features, resources and budget. The correct choice for your business could range from a custom solution built from the ground up, to an out-of-the box, turn-key solution that can be deployed immediately.

Our next webinar, Part Four: The Right Equation for Your Business, is Digium’s final installment in our series on the Asterisk open source project. You’ll learn how Digium and Asterisk provide the framework and tools you need to customize and integrate a custom communications solution.

Whether you’re building a customized solution from scratch, seeking a fully functional, turnkey Asterisk-based solution, or needing options somewhere in-between using a distribution such as AsteriskNOW – Digium and Asterisk have you covered.

In the webinar you’ll learn:

    How the power and flexibility of Asterisk can solve a variety of business communications needs including a phone system, voicemail, IVR and call center solutions.
    Types of solution options available including building from scratch, using a distro such as AsteriskNOW, or a turnkey solution that is ready to go out of the box.
    Guidelines for determining which type of communications solution is the right choice for your business.

Watch now and discover how Digium and Asterisk can help you solve your communications challenges.

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Dec, 2015
Recorded Webinar

The Gift of Efficiency - Unified Communications for the Business User

Using Your Business Phone System to Achieve Increased Efficiency

Are you seeking new ways to achieve continued growth and profitability for your business? Efficiency can be a key component in helping you gain an advantage over your competitors. And, it can be found in a place you might not expect... your business communications.

A Unified Communications (UC) solution provides features and tools that have been proven to increase employee productivity and save valuable time and resources. According to a recent UC survey*, employees were able to save as much as 20 minutes a day just by being able to reach other co-workers on the first try. And, that’s only one of the many benefits your company can enjoy with UC.

Join us for Digium’s latest on-demand webinar, Smarter Decisions with UC:The Gift of Efficiency, and unwrap new ways your business phone system can save your company valuable time and money.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll learn how UC:

    Consolidates your communications to one place
    Provides flexible communication options for any situation
    Gives mobile and remote workers access to tools to help them get their work done quickly and accurately
    Connects employees regardless of geography for efficient collaboration
    And much more!

Watch now and discover how to unwrap the gift of efficiency for your business with Unified Communications.
*Survey: Chadwick Martin Bailey

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Dec, 2015
Recorded Webinar

The Gift of Efficiency - Unified Communications for the IT Pro

Unified Communications Empowers IT Professionals

As an IT professional, you are a critical component in helping your company achieve growth and success. From improving existing solutions to integrating new ones, enabling employees to be more productive and efficient is a continuous process. Discover how Unified Communications (UC) supports this process by helping you easily and efficiently manage your company’s business phone system.

Gone are the days where too much time and money are spent performing basic phone system management tasks due to complex administrative systems with illogical menus and proprietary languages and equipment. UC has advanced user features and simple-to-use management tools that have proven to reduce the workload and frustration levels for you and your IT staff and increase productivity for all users across your organization.

Join us for Digium’s latest on-demand webinar, Smarter Decisions with UC: The Gift of Efficiency, and unwrap new ways your business phone system enables IT to save your company valuable time and money.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll learn how UC:

    Reduces confusion and workload by consolidating your communications to one place
    Provides easy-to-use features to reduce user training time and increase usage rates
    Gives IT valuable analytics and management tools
    Easily connects employees, regardless of geography, for efficient collaboration
    And much more!

Watch now and discover how UC provides features and benefits to boost productivity and increase efficiency for IT pros.

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