Because Asterisk is a public product, Digium loves to interact with the business and user community at a wide range of some of the most notable events, conferences, and trade shows.

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Dec, 2019

Want to see Switchvox UC in action?

See why this is the smart choice for your next business phone system. We’ll show you how much more you can do with a Switchvox Unified Communications system. This is more than a phone system – it’s a better way to communicate. We host this weekly live demo every Thursday at 2PM CDT and allow time for Q&A at the end. Get your VoIP questions answered in this webinar.

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Previously Recorded Webinars

Nov, 2018
Recorded Webinar

UCaaS & the Small Business: Adoption & Implementation

Businesses across all industries and of all sizes are adopting new communication tools to foster better collaboration, increase productivity, and enhance customer relationships. For many small businesses, the implementation of unified communications (UC) has been out of reach because implementing solutions on-premises requires technical and financial resources out of touch for many. This changes with the availability of UC as a Service (UCaaS). This webinar explores the value of UC for small businesses and branch offices and the advantages UCaaS offers, and how to go about making the transition. Watch now and learn how small businesses have benefitted by moving to UCaaS, including case studies and best practices.

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Dec, 2017
Recorded Webinar

Make The Most of Your Business Phone System

Find out if your phone system is working for you.

What if you could get 40% more done with your current staffing resources? Do you need a better way for your customers to reach you when team members are out of the office for the holidays? Are you looking for more efficiencies and better customer care in your small call center - or even with your receptionist? Now is the perfect time to evaluate how your phone system is holding up to the needs of your organization.

Whether you’re a 5-person small office, a retail shop, or a large manufacturing facility, your phone system should do more for your business and your customers. It should be solving business challenges, not creating them.

In this special webinar, discover how to start evaluating how well your current phone system works and learn some helpful tips on how to get more from this under-utilized office resource.

We take a look at:

  • Reviewing Call Detail Records and Reporting to help with staffing challenges
  • Developing IVRs and Auto-Attendants to efficiently route inbound calls
  • Using Call Queues for higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Providing Call Handling options to employees for the highest levels of productivity
  • Deciding if now may be the time to switch to a VoIP solution
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Dec, 2017
Recorded Webinar

Asterisk 15: Under the Hood

Discover what's new in Asterisk 15.
Matthew Fredrickson shows you how Asterisk has been upgraded with the latest WebRTC technologies to support enhanced video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities. He discusses how you can use Asterisk 15 to create custom audio and video communication solutions that seamlessly integrate WebRTC clients, IoT connected SIP video endpoints, and other traditional communications technologies into one conference.

You'll have a chance to hear about:

  • Asterisk’s new selective forwarding unit (SFU) technology for enhanced video conferencing
  • How to integrate new video functionality into existing ARI applications
  • A freely available example video conferencing client for your browser
  • Newly added WebRTC technologies for better interoperability with video streams and endpoints
  • Plus! A general status update of the Asterisk project
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Nov, 2017
Recorded Webinar

Build or Buy: Which Approach Is Right for You?

Let's help you discover whether to build or buy an office phone system.

Today’s business phone systems come in all varieties, from free and freemium to pre-built and proprietary. How do you know which approach is right for your organization - build it or buy it?

As the company behind the award-winning, out-of-the-box-ready Switchvox Unified Communications (UC) solution and as the creator/sponsor of the Asterisk open source project, Digium understands all of the build-or-buy options available today. Maybe you’ve considered Asterisk or AsteriskNOW to create an IP PBX or other custom communications? But, you may prefer a solution that doesn't require custom development.

This webinar will help you sort out the pros and cons of each option and guide you to a better communications solution - one that’s the best fit for your organization. 

We'll help you understand:

  • Pros & cons of "free" phone solutions
  • How to uncover the hidden costs of free or open source offerings
  • When to choose a pre-built system
  • How support options vary across solutions
  • How to compare multiple solutions
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Sep, 2017
Recorded Webinar

A Beginner's Guide to Business Phone Systems

Shopping for a phone system?

Whether on-premise, cloud-based, or virtualized, we have all the information you need to accurately understand, compare, and make a smart buying decision for your next business phone system.

Our VoIP expert, Matthew Hilton, will help you understand the basic terms, features and functionality available with today’s Unified Communications (UC) solutions.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • How today's UC solutions differ from traditional, legacy phone systems
  • Definitions of basic terms, buzzwords and technologies related to UC
  • An overview of on-site, cloud and virtual deployment options
  • Cost savings and efficiency gains that result in upgrading to UC
  • Tips for understanding and comparing quotes from various vendors

Watch now and see how today’s phone systems allow you to do more than just communicate.

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Aug, 2017
Recorded Webinar

Cleaning out the (Data) Closet: How to Reduce IT Physical Overhead and Increase Utilization with Virtualization

Understanding the Benefits of Virtualization

Less is more. Get more performance out of less hardware. No trickery involved, just virtualization. 

For years it’s been a relatively simple process whenever you add a new piece of technology. Purchase the hardware. Run the wires. Power it up. Configure it. Deal with “cleaning it up” later. And then the next project comes along and you repeat the process all over again. Before you know it you’ve got a server or data closet that’s a physical mess, difficult to work in, and often times, each piece of hardware is underutilized for one task.

Of course, usually there’s a maintenance window where the physical cleanup happens. Wires are reorganized and labelled. Cables are neatly wire-wrapped, servers re-organized and perhaps even the old, powered-off servers are removed. But ultimately, this is all “on top” as they say. It looks pretty, but your production environment is still full of underutilized and chaotic servers at various patch-levels and efficiency. 

Now is a great time to take stock and plan for the true way to reorganize and optimize your data closet. Follow along as Matthew Hilton, VoIP Engineer, and former Senior Systems (Server/Virtualization) Engineer provides tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your data closet.

During this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Assess your current environment
  • Plan for virtualization
  • Address concerns about virtualization being too hard or too complicated
  • Combat arguments that virtualization is too costly, is only for large enterprise, or isn’t justified for your organization
  • Roll out virtualization without disrupting your current infrastructure

Watch now and discover just how easy it is to ultimately clean out that data closet - for good.

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Jul, 2017
Recorded Webinar

5 Reasons to Invest in UC

Uncovering the Real Benefits of Upgrading a Legacy Phone System

“Upgrade Now.” “Don’t Delay.” “Your Technology is Outdated.”

You hear these messages all the time, but how do you really determine when the time is right to upgrade your phone system? And, how do you justify the cost of a new technology?

It’s time to sort through the product options and identify a Unified Communications (UC) solution that is really worth the investment.

In this new webinar, our VoIP expert, Jason Mefford, breaks down the top five reasons to invest in UC. We discuss how the right UC solution:

  • Offers ROI and TCO optimizations to increase your bottom line
  • Increases business efficiencies, agility and responsiveness
  • Empowers your sales and support teams to provide an optimal customer experience
  • Enables productivity gains through integration capabilities
  • Enhances business processes to elevate employee and caller satisfaction

Watch now and discover how your business could benefit from improved communication and collaboration.

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Jun, 2017
Recorded Webinar

Discover the Power of Asterisk

Getting Started with the Asterisk Open Source Telephony Platform

There are endless choices for communications products on the market, and the task of finding the right solution can take you on a journey of complex pricing tiers and feature set comparisons. Asterisk, the free open source solution, could be the answer your organization’s needs. But you still need to understand which option is right for you - building from scratch with Asterisk source code, or using a pre-packaged Asterisk-based solution with a GUI (graphical user interface).

In oour latest webinar, Discover the Power of Asterisk, David Duffett, Worldwide Community Director for the Asterisk project, discusses options for building solutions using raw Asterisk and the command line interface (CLI) or using a version with a built-in graphical user interface (GUI). 

He also discusses the basics of open source telephony and the underlying Asterisk architecture, and reviews the best practices on how to properly structure Asterisk.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Basics of open source telephony
  • Best practices for how to properly structure Asterisk 
  • Summary of Asterisk and Distributions
  • Getting started using Asterisk
  • Additional resources, training and products to enhance your Asterisk knowledge 
  • Followed by Q&A

No matter your skill level with Linux, whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, after viewing this webinar you will be able to decide the best approach to starting your Asterisk journey. Watch now!

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Jun, 2017
Recorded Webinar

What To Do When Your UC Vendor Calls It Quits: Protecting Your Investment and Moving to a New Solution

What To Do When Your UC Vendor Calls It Quits:
Moving To A New Solution While Protecting Your Investment

There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding longstanding, “too big to fail” companies that are declaring bankruptcy - or worse, filing for dissolution or acquisition. When one of these companies is involved in your day-to-day business operations, the news can be quite alarming. 

Even when your vendor stays in business, you could get notified that your existing technology solution is being retired by the vendor (better known as End of Life, or EOL), or maintenance and upgrades are no longer being supported. How do you respond and prepare to transition solutions when your deployed technology hits dead end? 

Think it couldn’t happen to you? Consider these headlines: HP buys 3COM. Avaya files for Chapter 11. Toshiba announces closure of telecommunications division. Cisco is Abandoning SMB Market (End-of-Life for the Cisco UC for Small Business).

For each of these recent headlines featuring Unified Communications (UC) providers and their product lines, there are many business leaders and IT managers who broke a sweat as their investment in a ‘sure thing’ seemed to erode overnight.

In this webinar, learn how to protect your investment and discover the next steps you should follow to ensure your company’s success should your UC vendor call it quits. Matthew Hilton, Digium Product Marketing Manager, will guide you through some tips and suggestions on how to:

  • Determine if a bankruptcy (Chapter 11) filing notice is a good thing
  • React and respond to EOL announcements
  • Prepare to migrate to a new solution
  • Minimize cost and disruption during a transition to a new solution
  • Evaluate vendor viability and purchase a system that is less likely to disappear

Watch now to learn how to protect and prepare your organization for UC vendor news - whether it’s good, bad, or uncertain.

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May, 2017
Recorded Webinar

VoIP Vacation Guide

How VoIP Can Solve "Out of Office" Challenges

Absent employees shouldn’t be a burden on your organization. With the advanced functionality of Unified Communications (UC) systems, maintaining productivity and open communications is a cinch – regardless of who is in the office.

Taking advantage of mobility features, such as converged phones and Find-Me Follow-Me, enables employees to maintain remote connectivity at all times. Altering call routing rules ensures clients are taken care of if a large number of employees will be out at the same time. And, temporary greetings and messages keep customers up-to-date with contacts in your organization and help provide a consistent customer experience. 

In this webinar, learn more about how these UC features and many others are vital to keeping your organization productive and connected, particularly as employees are getting ready to take time off for vacations. Matthew Hilton, Digium Product Marketing Manager, will walk you through creating an action plan for this summer and show you how UC can keep your organization running smoothly.

In this webinar, Matthew will discuss:

  • How to utilize mobility options for on-the-go and remote employees
  • How to route calls more efficiently with IVRs and auto attendants
  • How to increase customer success with call queues and temporary greetings
  • How UC alleviates the pressure of new regulations for employees working outside of office hours

Watch now to learn how to keep your organization running smoothly while employees are away.

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