G.729 Codec Policy

License keys for G.729 channels are intended for use only on a single server and must be activated (registered) on the server on which they will be used.

It is extremely important that you carefully follow the instructions provided in the README file for installing a new G.729 key to your Asterisk server and for backing up your G.729 key(s).

The G.729 key must be re-registered if certain hardware changes are made to your Asterisk server.

A G.729 key can only be re-registered once without authorization from Digium, so we strongly recommend that you make a backup copy of the license file created during the activation (registration) process.

After these two initial registrations a new key will need to be purchased.

Multiple G.729 keys may be registered to the same Asterisk server. This allows the user to increase the total number of available G.729 channels authorized for use on that server. New G.729 keys may be registered to your Asterisk server using the same instructions provided in the Installation Procedure section of the README file. Note that a single license key file for a given number of channels may not be later split among different servers.

All purchases of G.729 keys are final. Refunds are not available for G.729 related purchases under any circumstances.

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