Exceptional Satisfaction Program FAQ

  1. What is the Digium® ESP Program?

    Digium's Exceptional Satisfaction Program is a commitment to our end customers to do what it takes to ensure 100% satisfaction with any qualifying telephony card, Switchvox appliance, Asterisk Add-on, Digium Phone, Gateway, or R-Series performing as designed.

  2. Why does Digium offer this program?

    Open source Asterisk has moved into the mainstream for many business users. Along with this adoption comes the expectation that open source solutions will perform with the same degree of quality and reliability that traditional solutions have delivered. Digium provides the ESP program in response to an expectation that Digium is a company end customers can trust for all their telephony needs.

  3. Will Digium really refund the buyer's money if they are not satisfied?

    Digium will refund the customer's money if the eligible products do not work as designed. Process details are available under Digium's ESP Risk-Free Guarantee Terms & Conditions.

  4. Which products are included in the program?

    • Switchvox SMB and subscriptions and phone packs with initial system activation
    • Telephony card products
    • Asterisk Add-on
    • Digium Phones
    • Gateway
    • R-Series
  5. Which products are excluded from this program?

    • Switchvox subscription renewals or subscriptions added after 30 days of initial system activation
    • All out of warranty cards and Switchvox products
    • All Open Source Subscriptions
    • Training
    • All other Digium and non-Digium products not specified in FAQ #4
  6. Does the Exceptional Satisfaction Program cover Digium's Switchvox software product?

    Yes, Switchvox software is included in the program through the product subscriptions.

  7. I am a reseller, how does this work for my customers?

    Remind end customers to register their product within 30 days of purchasing it. This makes them eligible for the program.

  8. I am a distributor, how does this work?

    Remind your end customers to register their product within 30 days of purchasing it. This makes them eligible for the program.

  9. How can I determine if my products are covered?

    Telephony cards, Asterisk Add-ons, and certain Switchvox products are included. Contact Digium technical support if questions arise.

  10. How long does this program run?

    The ESP Program will continue until further notice.

  11. What is Genuine Asterisk™?

    Genuine Asterisk is the term used to describe any Asterisk distribution from Digium (Asterisk or AsteriskNOW™)

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