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“Switchvox wins because it's flexible, it's cost-effective, and it's a good story. It's a really innovative product and that's why it wins.”
- Corey McFadden, President @ Voneto

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Why Digium?

Digium’s 5-Star Partner Program provides opportunities for partners to sell the full line of Digium’s on-premise and cloud-based Switchvox® Unified Communications solutions or build custom communications solutions with Asterisk, the world’s most popular open source telephony software. Partners also can sell Digium IP phones, gateways and telephony cards, all of which are designed to build custom communications solutions. The program features multiple levels geared toward a partner’s capabilities and business model, with incentives, benefits, training, certification and marketing promotions designed to help authorized Digium partners gain a competitive advantage in today’s growing VoIP and business phone market.

Find the Partner Level That’s Right For You

Value Added Reseller

This program is great for resellers who want to offer Digium's on-premise Switchvox business phone system, IP phones, and telephony hardware.




Service Provider


Agents have access to sell our Switchvox Cloud and SIP Trunking services as well as our on-premise Switchvox business phone system, IP phones, and telephony hardware.


Master Agent


This program is a great fit for direct marketing resellers. You'll have access to our full line of Digium products.



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Become a Digium Partner

Come find out why our partners say we are easy to do business with. We value our partners and the relationships we have with them. Our partner program offers a zero dollar commitment with partner discounts, promotions, sales demo assistance , discount demo program, free web-based technical and sales certification program- and much more! Our partner program offers multiple tiers depending on your expertise and business focus.

Just the Facts: Our Partners Say it Best!

Easy to Quote:

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to put a quote together. With Digium, it's so much easier.” Jim Anderson


“The customer has a certain business model, but that may not be what it is 12 months later. So we tell them, "You can change your mind, you can decide, 'Gee I want call recording, I don't want call recording, I want ACD, I don't want ACD...'" And I know those are specific features, but anybody that's sold phone systems for a while certainly understands the customer's going to change their mind in six months, and you don't necessarily want to go back and say, "That's more money," it's a configuration change, let us give you what you want... So the ability for the customer's business model to adapt and change as their needs change is great. You point that out in the sales process, and it's a real sticking point for our competitors who say, "Well you need five of these licenses and seven of these licenses and... and we're going to do the same thing," and I'm like, "Well, you just buy a license for a user and you get everything." Mark Essayian


“I would say definitely the support and the availability of all the team members from Digium. Everybody really pitches in when there's a need, there's an opportunity... whether it be engineering or support or marketing, testimonials, what have you. It's really always been "all hands on deck" and everybody's just pitched in to get things won. And we've never seen anything like that kind of availability or responsiveness from any other vendor.” Corey McFadden

When You Partner With Digium You Can Expect:

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One system to sell across a wide range of customer needs (cloud, Premise, Virtualized, in your datacenter or your customers) reduces your sales and support costs and streamlines your business.

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A high margin, cost competitive solution.

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Beat the competition by giving your customers a full suite of UC features without costly add-on licenses and hardware.

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A system that is easy to install and support.

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Pre-sales and post-sales support to ensure you are successful

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Sales enablement tools in our Partner Portal

Partner Program Benefit



  • Access to Digium Channel Managers
  • Discount Demo Program
  • Access to Pre- and Post-sales Support
  • Sales Collateral & Marketing Resources
  • Access to Partner Portal & MarketSource content syndication
  • Web-based Certification & Training

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Access to Digium Solutions

  • Switchvox Cloud & Digium SIP Trunking
  • Switchvox Unified Communications solutions & Digium IP Phones
  • Asterisk Custom Communications, Digium IP Phones, Telephony Interface Cards, and Digium Analog & Digital Gateways

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Growth and Profitability

  • Access to Digium Sales Opportunities
  • Deal Registration
  • Guided Discount Pricing
  • Product Promotions
  • Proposal-based Marketing Development Funds

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  • Partner Council Candidate
  • Ongoing Communications and Digium Newsletter
  • Webinars

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