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United States

Free expert pre-and post-sale technical support on all Switchvox and Asterisk-related Digium products available 24x7.

Real time support for Digium Program pricing structures including:
Affiliate, Registered and Select Pricing via on demand web price books, and quoting tools.

Self Serve Deal Registration processing on demand, immediately available upon approval from Digium to use in NETXUSA order and quoting tools.

Support for other instant rebate programs such as Nortel / 3Com and Government education deals.

NETXUSA Exclusive - Switchvox System Builder -

Currently a free service to simplify building of your Switchvox IP PBX for deployment to partners via easy to use tools saving an average of 8 hours per install:

  • Installation of cards, licenses and other options.
  • Pre-loading of software builds before shipping
  • Setup of Extensions, Network Parameters, and other common settings

*Coming soon Switchvox System Builder Wizard

Support for all Digium Demo programs

We stock all Digium products and ship with 24 hours or less.

The only Distribution partner to support the 2 primary phone choices for Switchvox - Digium Phones and Polycom

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