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Acuity Technologies is a telecommunications Master Agency and comprehensive technology infrastructure company providing network and cloud services, management and support solutions, and professional services to our partners and clients. Our Master Telecom Partner program is the core of our business, so it’s no surprise that we focus as much as we do on the success of our partners. We've learned that our program depends on our ability to make our partners better. Whether you’re a communications consultant, a VAR, or an IT solutions provider, we can help you round out your solution, diversify your revenues, and enhance your value to your clients.


Acuity Headquarters
201 N Franklin St. Ste 1300
Tampa, FL 33602
(888) 949-2374

Sales Inquiries:
Kris Mathey
[email protected]
Office: 813-769-5104
Fax: 813-769-4691

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