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Discover how you can create custom solutions and innovative products using Asterisk.

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Discover the Power of Asterisk

Build Voice, Video and Text Applications Easily With Asterisk, The World's Most Widely Adopted Open Source Communications Software Development Framework.

Asterisk is an open source framework for developing state-of-the-art communications applications. Asterisk includes hundreds of pre-built components that handle the complex, low-level details of voice, video, and text communications.

Developers use Asterisk to create custom communications solutions and to build innovative communications products. Discover how Asterisk can power your next-generation communications deployment.

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Say Hello to Asterisk

Say Hello to Asterisk is a brief introduction to the Asterisk application development framework. It covers the capabilities, system architecture and basics of getting started with Asterisk.

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Asterisk Hardware

Digium offers a complete line of phones, gateways, and interface cards built exclusively for Asterisk.

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Asterisk Hardware by Digium

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Need help building an Asterisk-based application, solution or product? Digium can help.

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