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Asterisk is an open source toolkit for building communications applications. For a more detailed explanation, check out the Asterisk page. For more information about the different versions of Asterisk, see the Asterisk Versions page. To download other versions of Asterisk, including beta versions and archived releases, please visit the downloads server.

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Read the Change Log.

AsteriskNOW Software PBX

AsteriskNOW is a basic software PBX built using open source Asterisk. The AsteriskNOW ISO image installs Linux, Asterisk and the FreePBX user interface. For more information including installation instructions, check out the AsteriskNOW page.

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Read the AsteriskNOW Installation Guide.

Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA)

The DPMA adds automated provisioning and application integration features for Digium IP phones to your Asterisk system. The current version is available for Asterisk 11, the -digium phones branch of Asterisk 10, the Certified Asterisk branches of Asterisk 1.8 and Asterisk 11, and for AsteriskNOW 3.0. You can get a free license key here.


Read the DPMA Installation Guide.

Fax For Asterisk

Fax For Asterisk adds state-of-the-art fax send and receive capabilities to an Asterisk server. Supports both analog (standard) and T.38 (internet) fax protocols. For more information, see the Fax For Asterisk product page.

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Add-On Voice Codecs

Codecs modules control how audio is encoded and decoded. Asterisk ships with a number of standard codecs, and Digium offers additional codec modules in binary form. Use the module selector to find the right version for your Asterisk system.

G.729 Codec Siren 7 Codec Siren 14 Codec SILK Codec Opus Codec

High Performance Echo Cancellation (HPEC)

The HPEC module is a carrier-grade software echo canceller for use with Digium telephony cards that do not include hardware echo cancellation. For more information, see the HPEC product page.

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Other Downloads

Other versions of Asterisk, including archived releases, may be found on the downloads server.

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