Asterisk Commercial Licensing

Asterisk is distributed under a dual license: an open source license, and a commercial license. The open source license under which Asterisk is distributed is the GNU Public License version 2 (GPLv2). The GPL is the world's most popular open source software license, currently used by nearly 50% of all open source software, including such software as the Linux operating system kernel, the Firefox web browser, and the MySQL relational database management system.

For many users, the GPLv2 license suits their use of Asterisk completely. These users are not distributing proprietary modifications, additions to, or derivatives of Asterisk, and they do not require the legal protections of a commercial license.

For other users, the GPLv2 does not suit their use of Asterisk. These users wish to use Asterisk in ways, products, markets or have other requirements that are not compatible with the GPLv2. To satisfy these demands, Digium, as the worldwide exclusive licensor of Asterisk, offers Asterisk commercial licensing.

An Asterisk commercial license provides customers the legal means both to modify Asterisk and to incorporate it into a product, without the obligation of providing the resulting code under the GPLv2 license. License fees are priced competitively and offer tremendous value for the capabilities delivered. Fees vary depending on the application and the scale of its use. For more information about software licensing, please contact the Digium Sales department.

Asterisk remains the premier open source telephony project and development for both Asterisk and its components follows the open source model. Digium provides ongoing commitment and contributions to open source. Digium's Asterisk commercial licensing option provides customers with the best possible choice - the innovation and creativity of the open source model, and the protections and flexibility available with traditional, commercial software.

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Licensing FAQ

Where can I find more information about the GPL?

You can refer to the Free Software Foundations' GPL FAQ.

Where can I learn more about complying with the GPL?

The Software Freedom Law Center has an excellent Guide to GPL Compliance.

Who should I contact with additional questions about Digium's commercial licensing?

Please contact Digium's Sales Department at +1 256 428 6262.

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