Asterisk Core Software


The world's most popular voice communications engine. Asterisk turns computers into communication servers.

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Certified Asterisk

An SLA-supported branch of Asterisk with support for Digium Phones.

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Licensing and Support

Digium offers commercial licensing and SLA support for Asterisk to OEMs and solution providers.

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Get started quickly with the AsteriskNOW ready-to-run distribution. Installs Linux, Asterisk and optionally an administrative user interface.

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Asterisk Add-On Software

Fax for Asterisk

Add multi-channel, commercial-grade fax support to Asterisk. Includes both analog and T.38 fax-over-IP support. 1 port free.

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IVR Prompts

Match your IVR menu, automated attendant or custom app to the system prompts with professional recordings from Allison Smith, the voice of Asterisk.

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Digium Phone Module

Digium phone provisioning and feature-enabler for Asterisk.

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Cut bandwidth consumption. G.729 uses 1/8 of the bandwidth of standard uLaw/aLaw audio.

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Echo Cancellation

Carrier-class echo cancellation for Asterisk systems.

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Asterisk Resources

Visit the home of the Asterisk project and find out what's happening in the community.

Asterisk Hardware

Check out Digium's phones, telephony interface cards and gateway appliances, all built exclusively for use with Asterisk.

Asterisk Support

Search the Asterisk knowledgebase or get professional Asterisk support from the experts at Digium, all at the Support Center.

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