Meet Switchvox: The Phone System for Smart, Modern Businesses

Switchvox is a complete Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system that provides businesses with all the Unified Communications (UC) features they expect, without the high price tag. Here's why it's ideal for SMBs:

  • Meet Switchvox Icon - The Best Value Business Phone System
    Offers the best value in a phone system, without sacrificing quality or features
  • Meet Switchvox Icon - Empowering Collaboration
    Empowers businesses to collaborate, with all features included
  • Meet Switchvox Icon - Minimizing Complexity
    Minimizes phone system complexity, with a simple web interface
  • Meet Switchvox Icon - Simple Pricing and Easy to Scale
    Exceeds your expectations, with a simple pricing model, and an easy-to-scale solution
Switchvox Overview Video Play Screen

Whether on-premise, in your virtualized environment, or hosted with our Cloud platform, we have a solution that’s right for you.
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  • "Partnering with a company like Digium allows us to come in with a game-changer, a new approach." - Scott Pell, Digium Partner, SystemsN
  • "Our customers love the interface and the fact that they are getting enterprise-grade features with small business price."- Jeronimo Romero, EUS Networks, LLC and Vince Preece, NPI Information Systems
  • "Switchvox has by far the most powerful interface for the price out there." - Vince Preece, NPI Information Systems
  • "If you're interested in Asterisk and truly game-changing technologies, there's nobody else to be involved with." - Randy Kremlacek, Teledynamic Comm and Birch Shambaugh, Special Applied Intelligence
  • "Digium helps us from everything to sales training to technical training to support. Anything that we need from a partner perspective - Digium provides it to us." - David Johnson, The Fulcrum Group

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Digium D80, D65, and D62 IP Phones

D-Series IP Phones for a Complete Solution

Digium’s D-Series IP phones provide best-in-class functionality at a fraction of cost you’d expect.

Forget complex feature codes, confusing button sequences and difficult menus. Digium D-Series IP phones are elegant and built with quality, featuring full-color displays, small programmable buttons and high-quality audio. And Digium’s latest phone features a full touchscreen interface.

Digium D-Series IP Phones - the perfect complement for any Switchvox deployment.

Explore Digium Phones Now

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Unparalleled Ease of Use.

With an intuitive browser-based interface, and Digium’s unique Switchboard, productivity soars as you focus on your business, not your phone system. Administrators and users alike access their own web interfaces, making previously difficult tasks as easy type and click.

Easily allow employees to optimize their phone system experiences by:

  • Contacts Icon
    Setting speed dials and favorites
  • Call Rules Icon
    Utilizing advanced call rules (advanced forwarding)
  • Collaboration Icon
    Collaborating with coworkers using Chat and Video Chat
  • System Tasks Icon
    Performing advanced tasks, such as Transfer, Monitor, Record and more

All with the click of a mouse.

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Management Without Headaches

Call Queue control allows administrators to focus on big-picture business processes and not on phone system administration.

Switchvox doesn’t require any complex programming skills, memorization of arcane command-line statements, or phone button sequences.

A straightforward interface makes even administration easy with inline help and point-and-click simplicity.

Switchvox Switchboard Call Queue Screen

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Unified Communications Your Way

Switchvox is an excellent choice for use in almost any industry, from education to healthcare and from retail to government. And with multiple deployment options available, it can fit your needs whether you have 5 or 500+ handsets. It’s never been a better time to adopt a next-generation phone system.


On-Premise Phone System Icon

Dedicated Hardware Appliance
1U or smaller footprint
No racks of specialized equipment

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Optimized for VMware®
Leverage failover and HA options
Save on stand-alone appliance costs

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Small up-front capital expense
Phone rental options
Multiple plans available

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VoIP phone system with a mobile phone, D80 touchscreen IP phone and call queue