Advanced Business Phone System Features at an Affordable Price

The Switchvox features set provides many products under one license. Traditional phone systems would require individual feature licenses for major applications like voicemail, faxing, and IVRs. With Switchvox, your company can simplify its communications down to one powerful solution delivered in the cloud or on-premise. Get mobile apps, call recording, desktop faxing, ACD, presence, and much more - all in one turnkey solution at one affordable price.

Switchvox - All Features Included

Digium's Switchvox gives your company a robust UC feature set without the hassle and expense of complex licensing models. All Switchvox features are included for every user! No longer do you have to worry about the added expense of feature licenses if one of your staff members needs more functionality. Have a newly promoted employee who now needs to record calls? Great, just click a button to turn it on!

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Switchvox Features

Switchvox Switchboard Icon

Web-Based Interface

Take control of your communications; Switchboard allows for intuitive control from anywhere

Switchvox proves that a Unified Communications (UC) solution can be both fully-featured and easy-to-use.

Digium’s Switchboard provides point-and-click simplicity from your web browser while remaining flexible enough for any user’s needs. Parking, forwarding, and transferring calls; queue monitoring and management; and even real-time video and chat - all of these tasks are now accomplished as easily as opening a web page.

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Switchvox Mobile


Road-warriors, home-office workers; Efficiently communicate anytime, anywhere

Switchvox empowers your workforce to work whenever and wherever the job requires. The days of corporate-provided telephony equipment is over, with a new era of mobility available through the use of softphone applications, end-user call control, and fixed mobile convergence. The simplicity of Switchvox extends to end-users' ability to not just work remotely, but to work remotely as if they were still in the office. That is why the simplicity of the Switchvox interface carries over to all of our applications and features. With Switchvox, your office is now wherever you are.

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Switchvox Reporting and Analytics


It’s your data, use it; Enhance productivity with analytics

Switchvox delivers professional ad-hoc and scheduled reporting data on every call in and out of the phone system. Available as easily deliverable web-browser based charts, tables, and logs, or as XLS or XML raw data files, businesses gain tremendous value when presented with appropriate data. With management able to easily visualize call-flow data, staffing and phone system configuration changes to better suit business are no longer a guessing game. And with end-users able to view their entire call history and logs, no longer are administrators tasked with looking up that customer’s phone number who forgot to leave a business name or phone number.

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Switchvox Call Center

Call Center

Call Center, Operations Center, call it what you will; Call distribution is possible without add-ons

Switchvox improves customer satisfaction to clients, end-users, and administrators alike. Whether receiving calls to a series of dispatchers, pre-sales, sales, customer service, or technical support personnel or making an outbound calling campaign, effectively managing multiple calls at one time has always been a difficult challenge. And traditionally, designing and implementing a call center has been cost-prohibitive and difficult for all but the largest of businesses. By automating call flow and optimizing staff efficiency, all without expensive add-ons or fees, businesses can focus on what they do best - providing their clients with the best products and services possible.

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Switchvox Integrations


Power up your PBX; Connect applications for higher customer satisfaction

Switchvox integrates with your line-of-business applications like no other Unified Communication solution. Based on open-source technologies (Asterisk & SIP), and with a published, and free-to-use API, businesses are able to design elegant solutions to make the most of their CRM, ERP, or other applications. Whether retrieving information from the phone system for automatic entry into a 3rd party solution or pushing information from a 3rd party solution into an active call, programmers are free to develop robust and advanced applications to maximize their business potential. With integrations and applications that include, Zendesk®, Outlook, and Chrome and Firefox dialers, a phone system is no longer just a simple communications device, it’s a full collaboration suite. And, by utilizing Active Directory / LDAP integration, admins have less passwords to manage and users can log in without needing a separate password.

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Call Control


Click-to-dial a phone number on a web page, in Salesforce, Zendesk, or Outlook, and in Switchvox’s Switchboard widgets.



Put a call on Hold using the button on your IP phone, or from the Switchboard. You can customize the Music on Hold that plays until you resume the call.



With Switchvox, you can easily transfer incoming calls or active calls to another extension using your deskphone, the Switchboard or the Switchvox Softphone. Set the transfer rules for incoming calls so you can check the call first, then transfer, transfer without checking, or send the call straight to voicemail.



Create 3-way conferences with your IP phone or your Switchvox Softphone.


Call Parking

With Call Parking, you can quickly make a call available to any extension. This is a great tool for when you need to go to another area of your building and pick up a different phone, or when you need to find someone else to help your caller.



You can use Switchvox extensions for paging and intercoms: overhead paging, direct to an extension, and 2-way intercom conversations.



Switchboard is a web-based user productivity tool. It gives every user a bird's-eye view into the phone system and provides tons of call control and visibility features.


Dial Box

Enter a number and dial a number directly from the Switchboard.


My Calls Widget

Switchboard widget that allows you to control incoming calls by answering, sending them directly to voicemail, or ignoring them. The My Calls widget also allows a user to control active calls by placing them on hold, transferring, and recording on demand.


Call Parking Widget

This Switchboard widget allows every Switchboard user to view calls parked and answer them with a simple click.


Device Switch

Device switch allows users to seamlessly move calls from one device to another.


Call Pick-Up

Pick up an incoming phone call destined for someone else's extension directly on your D-series Digium phone using BLF keys.


Call Management

Acknowledge Call

Protect calls from being answered by unauthorized individuals when an employee's call is ringing a home phone, mobile phone, or even a Switchvox extension in a common area.


Call Forward

With this Switchvox feature you can forward your calls immediately or after a few rings, and forward them differently based on a Time Frame. It's your decision, and it's easy to set up.


Call Cascade

The Cascade Calls action will ring your phones one at a time in an attempt to find you.


Find Me Follow Me

Activate your call rules right from your mobile device. If you are in an offsite meeting and can't be disturbed, it's easy to send your calls to voicemail.


Incoming Call Options

If you can't answer a call, you have several options to dismiss it: transfer, ignore, or send to voicemail.



Automate your call flow with the Switchvox IVR. Easily create simple things such as automated attendants, or advanced applications such as payment over the phone and database queries.


Maintain Caller ID

Pass caller ID information onto your cell or home phone when calls get forwarded to those devices.


Switchvox Notifier automatically displays screenpops for incoming calls. If an incoming caller ID matches one of your Outlook contacts, Notifier displays the contact’s information (picture, name, number, and email address if available).


Outgoing Caller ID Control

Switchvox lets you set the same caller ID for your entire company, or set it differently for groups or a single phone extension.


Personal Call Rules

Call Rules, commonly known as find-me-follow-me, allow each user to control how calls get to them and where. Send calls to your mobile, home phone, or directly to voicemail and more.


Send to Voicemail

Switchvox personal call rules can send your calls to Voicemail after a few rings, immediately, or either one based on the time of day. If you don’t want to receive any calls past 8:00PM, you can easily create a call rule to accommodate that.


Attach Status to Call Rules

Attach status options to your call rules so all you have to do to change your rule is to change your status.




Contacts can include numbers for your Switchvox coworkers, and external phone numbers stored in Switchvox.



The directory widget includes the entire company directory and can be dynamically searched to find the contact you need. The directory shows status information for each employee as well as access to a users contact card for further interaction.



Users can create a Favorites list, which includes contact they interact with frequently. Once a contact is a favorite, a user can see their status and whether they are on the phone.


Quick Dial Widget

This widget contains your internal and external contacts. You can quickly dial their number, transfer a call to their extension, or transfer a call to their voicemail. It also shows your coworkers’ status to help you decide how to best communicate with them.


Call Activity Widget

This widget contains your internal contacts, so you can see your coworker’s status and who they are talking to. You can record, monitor, whisper, or barge into any call. (Permission required)


Contact Cards

Contact Cards display the contact information for a user and allow a user to communicate with them in a number of ways right in the Switchboard.



Users can change their status to Available, Away, Do Not Disturb and more, including custom status options. Users can also see the status of others through the Switchboard, a Digium IP phone, and the Switchvox Softphone for iOS and Android.


Call Training


Monitor allows a user to listen in on calls when they have the appropriate permission.



When a user has the appropriate permission, Whisper allows them to listen in on calls and talk to their employee without the caller hearing.



When they have the appropriate permission, Barge allows a user to join another user’s call, on demand.


Call Recording

Record your own calls or other users’ calls that you have permissions over on the fly. You can also schedule calls to be recorded automatically.


Scheduled Call Recording

Recordings can be scheduled to record a users or groups calls over a certain period of time. These recordings are saved and can be retrieved on demand or sent to an FTP server for archiving.


Contact Center

Real-Time Reporting

Switchvox provides real-time analytics through the Switchboard for contact center supervisors and agents to help make on the fly staffing and call flow decisions.



Switchvox includes a Wallboard widget that enlarges key call center data for easy viewing on a call center floor. The wallboard widget includes: number of calls waiting and the max wait time, the log in status of the queue agents and how many are busy, and the number of calls taken.


Call Queues

Call Queues allow you to route calls to groups of people to create simple hunt groups or advanced call center queues.


In Queue Call Routing

Create simple rules to ensure customers don't wait too long or get stuck on hold.


In Queue Music and Messaging

Each Switchvox Call Queue can have its own Music on Hold experience. This lets you offer music, information, or announcements targeted right to those queue callers. It's easy to create a MoH group for your queue and upload MP3 files, and suddenly that queue is a more interesting place for your customers.


Queue Announcements

Members of multiple queues and those employees that take a combination of direct phone calls and queue calls can tell what kind of call they're answering by listening to the queue announcement that plays when they answer the phone.


Queue Experience

With Switchvox call queues, you can create the best experience for your customers. You can upload music or record announcements, and you can let your callers know when they can expect to talk to someone.


Queue Log

Find out all the details about every call that comes to a Switchvox queue. See how many calls have been dropped, abandoned, and redirected. Correlate data from the logs and reports and see trends with your calls to better staff your queues and manage your calls with Switchvox.


Queue Reporting

Switchvox Queue Reporting instantly shows you meaningful trends with graphical charts. When you can see what's happening in your queues, you can continually improve your sales and customer service processes.


Queue Status

See the calls that are happening in a call queue at the moment, plus the day's statistics on a queue and its members. Those statistics include the number of completed and abandoned calls, and member information such as completed and missed calls, login and paused time.


Ringing Strategies

Each queue can have its own ringing strategy. Choose from Ring All, Round Robin, In Order, and more.


Queue Call Control

In the Queue Calls Waiting widget, Switchvox now gives contact center supervisors and managers the ability to move a call to the top of the queue, send a call to a specific agent, or answer a call themselves.


Remote Agents

Switchvox allows remote employees or employees from multiple offices to be a part of company call queues.




The Chat panel lets you chat with your Switchvox co-workers to receive quick responses.


Video Chat

Switchvox includes one-to-one video chat to add a new dynamic to your conversations.


Conference Rooms

With a Meet Me Conference Center, each of your phone extensions can have its own conference room. The extension-owner can even control the audio conferencing experience with announcement options, as well as specify who can talk in the conference.



Switchvox users can share their screen with other users on the system or external customers.


Multimedia Chat

Users can have one-to-one video chats and screensharing sessions with people outside of Switchvox using the guest chat link.



Switchvox Softphone

The Switchvox Mobile and Desktop Softphones allows users to have complete call control as well as access to contacts, status, and visual voicemail from their iPhone & Android smartphones as well as their Mac and Windows computers. With the Switchvox mobile softphone, calls can be made over WiFi, LTE, 4G, or 3G.


Call Control

Using the Switchvox Mobile Softphone for iOS & Android and the Desktop Softphone client for Mac and Windows, users can make and receive, transfer, conference (Mobile only), and record calls from anywhere.


Choose Your Connection

The Switchvox Mobile Softphone allows a user to choose which connection to use to make and receive calls. Choose between available WiFi, LTE, 4G and 3G connectivity on the fly.



Mobile and Desktop users can change their status from the Switchvox Mobile and Desktop Softphones as well as view the status of others.


One Extension-Multiple Devices

Using Switchvox's Additional Phones options, users can have up to 5 Digium phones (including the softphone application) connected to their extension.


Pass Extension Caller-ID on Mobile Calls

All calls made through the Switchvox Mobile and Desktop Softphone pass the user's work Caller ID information, helping users maintain work/life balance.


Voicemail / Messaging

Blast Voicemail Groups

Voicemail messages can be automatically forwarded to another extension, or to Extension Groups. This is great for customer service, but also for internal announcements.


Custom Voicemail Greetings

Create a different voicemail greeting for every situation.


Unified Mailboxes

Each Switchvox phone extension has a one-stop IMAP mailbox for voicemail messages and faxes. You can subscribe to it using your favorite email client, or the Switchvox Web Interface.



Users receive an email notification to any email client that includes a .wav file of the message so they can listen to the message from anywhere.


Visual Voicemail

See all your voicemails and click to listen. No more dialing into your voicemail and having to cycle through your old ones.


Voicemail For Every User

Voicemail is included for every user and the system administrator can determine the space needed for each person.


Voicemail Widget

The Switchboard includes a Voicemail Widget that allows a user to listen to, delete, and transfer voicemails from their desktop.


Web-based Management

Active Directory / LDAP Integration

Use your Active Directory / LDAP Passwords to log into the Switchvox User Suite. It's one less password for users to remember, and one less password admins need to maintain.


Automated Back-Ups

Switchvox lets you set up an automated backup schedule, with file-transfer to the FTP server of your choice. You can also create a immediate backup anytime you need to.


Virtualization Support with VMware

Driven by VMware’s disaster recovery capabilities and scalability, Switchvox support for VMware eliminates the need for a dedicated appliance and provides small and medium size businesses with a phone system that is able to meet the needs of an enterprise at a fraction of the cost.


Custom Time Frames

Switchvox goes way beyond standard Day and Night modes with custom-defined Time Frames. Need to route calls because it's Thursday? No problem. Closed for the holidays? It's easy to create the Time Frames you need.


Extension Management

Administrators have complete control over moves adds and changes for extensions using the web-based Admin Portal.


Extension Permissions

Switchvox makes it simple to manage your phone extensions. Templates and Groups make it easy to create and organize extensions, and bulk-management tools help you create and modify multiple extensions at the same time.


Extension Templates

With Switchvox Extension Templates, you can easily set up phone extensions with a pre-determined set of options. This makes it easy to set up new employees in each of your functional groups.


Extension Groups

With Switchvox Extension Groups, you can easily manage your Switchvox extensions. Groups are helpful for managing things like Call Queue members and outgoing caller IDs.


Multi-Language Support

The Switchvox interface is available in English, Spanish, Italian and French.


Flexible Outgoing Rules

With Switchvox you have total control over how to make calls: send inter-branch calls to a peered Switchvox, route 911 to an analog line,; send international calls to a VOIP provider, etc. This can help you save money, and protect against downtime.


Multiple Admins

Switchvox Sub-Admins can be set up to do everything the main admin can do, or just a few tasks. This lets you share the administrative responsibilities, but control who is able to do what.


Music On Hold

Whether it's music or announcements, simply upload your original or purchased MP3 audio files to Switchvox.



Switchvox systems can be linked together ("peered") simply through your internet connection, so you can easily make calls among your offices. This allows for quick-and-easy dialing, and more importantly, a big cost-savings for your company.


SNMP Monitoring

Switchvox publishes a comprehensive set of SNMP OIDs so that you can monitor the state of the Switchvox server, your VOIP providers, phones, current calls, and more.


Apps & Integrations

Utilizing the OPEN CTI standard, users can match calls with Salesforce records, log calls directly from the Switchvox plugin, click to dial from anywhere in Salesforce, and save time with an automatic screen pop.



Firedialer, another great free plug-in available for Switchvox, enables click-to-call for any phone number on any webpage you're looking at.


Google Maps

This Switchboard Panel shows you where your caller is on a Google map, based on area code and prefix. A handy popup lets you scroll through previous callers’ locations.


Chrome Dialer

This extension makes it easy to dial a phone number on a webpage. To use it, click on a highlighted phone number, and when your phone rings, pick it up to connect to the call.



Without leaving Zendesk®, retrieve caller information when receiving new calls, easily add caller information (caller id, date/time of call, call duration) to tickets, adjust your Switchvox status, log in and log out of your Switchvox queues, and more.



Call Logs

Find out all the details about every call your Switchvox has ever handled.


Call Reporting

View graphs and reports of statistical data about the calls in your Switchvox. Find out useful information such as when the highest volume of calls come in, or if callers are abandoning calls when they reach a specific point in an IVR.


Mobile Worker Reporting

Switchvox gives managers and supervisors the ability to run reports on all employees, including those in-house, at another office location, remote, and/or mobile.


Scheduled Reports

Regularly scheduled reports can be emailed as HTML, XML, or a chart.


Check out the Switchvox documentation.See Documentation

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