As a complete Unified Communications solution, Switchvox offers all of the advanced features you expect from an integrated phone system.

Being able to extend beyond just voice is a critical requirement for a successful business. With Digium-designed applications, such as those listed below, you don’t even need to be a developer to enjoy the benefits of application integration. Because with Switchvox, it’s more than just the call. It’s about utilizing your UC solution to solve business challenges. Best of all, access to all of Digium’s Switchvox applications are free. Try them all today and see how extending communication beyond voice can empower your workforce and increase workplace efficiency.

Switchvox Active Directory / LDAP integration

Managing and maintaining separate passwords for every IT solution, program, or application is problematic for both admins and end users alike. With Switchvox, you can take advantage of the directory services solution your organization already utilizes, giving users one less password to remember and administrators an easier solution to manage. Switchvox integrates with Active Directory/LDAP so users can log in with their standard Active Directory/LDAP credentials to access and manage their own personal Switchvox settings.

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Switchvox for Zendesk®

Switchvox works within Zendesk® to handle common tasks for you, so you can focus on your customers. Switchvox for Zendesk can match and display an existing User from incoming caller ID, or if unknown, lets you create a new User and ticket for the call. You can also click to dial a phone number within Zendesk, log in and out of your Switchvox call queues, change your Switchvox Status, and access your call log.

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Zendesk is a trademark or registered trademark of Zendesk, Inc.

Switchvox for Chrome & Firefox

It’s time to stop writing down phone numbers that you’ve found on the web. Break the cycle and use Switchvox Dial for Chrome and Firefox to dial phone numbers directly from your web browser. Switchvox makes it simple, too. Just highlight the number you’re looking to call, right click and tell Switchvox to dial. Switchvox does the rest. Looking for a quick way to find all phone numbers on a webpage? Switchvox can automatically detect and highlight all phone numbers for even easier quick-dial access. 

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Switchvox for Salesforce

As Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications become the de facto standard for record keeping, even for small businesses, being able to effectively track interactions between staff and customers is critical. Every note counts, and that one documented communication could be key to winning the deal. Switchvox works within Salesforce, one of the world’s most widely-used CRM applications, to handle common tasks for you, so you can focus on your customer. Features of the plugin include: displaying matching records during incoming calls, dialing a record's phone number from within Salesforce, logging calls directly into Salesforce and more.

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Switchvox for Outlook

Calling an Outlook Contact shouldn’t be a hassle. So why is it that most office phone systems require you to look up the contact information and then manually enter it into your desk phone? It might not be an arduous task, but when repeated multiple times per day, it can be time consuming. With Switchvox for Outlook, easily dial a contact’s phone number from within Outlook. It’s simple. Open your address book, find the contact, right click and choose the 'Dial' option. But what about when they call you? Is there any way to know who’s calling before answering the call? With Switchvox for Outlook, you receive a desktop notification, including their contact information, so you’re conversation-ready as soon as you answer.

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Switchvox Softphones

Digium places all the power of a Switchvox IP Phone into a mobile and desktop softphone. Calls from a Switchvox mobile or desktop Softphone will associate with a company number and company brand. Feature-rich and powerful, the Switchvox Softphones will keep productivity at an all time high inside or outside the office.

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Switchvox Cloud - Hosted Phone System

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Managed in the Cloud

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Switchvox On-Premises IP PBX

Prefer a capital expense
Managed on-site

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