Customer Service Tools

There is no more important facet of your business than customer service. Companies with poor customer service reputations do not last long, especially when today’s savvy buyers have an arsenal of information and a massive platform to express their opinion. Switchvox provides the customer service tools necessary for your company to deliver a world-class customer experience and stand out against the competition.

call queue

Call Queues

Now you can offer flawless customer service with the powerful Call Queues built-in to the Switchvox Unified Communications System. Several employees, or all of them, can answer incoming phone calls to your main line, the sales number, or anything else you need. You can upload music or record announcements, and you can let your callers know when they can expect to talk to someone.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR’s, oftentimes called Auto Attendants, allow you to control the first impression of your company. You determine what greeting people hear, what options they have, and where their call gets routed. They can be as simple as “Press 1 for Sales, and Press 2 for Support”, or advanced as interacting with your database to retrieve and playback account balances or take payment over the phone.

Switchvox IVR’s are easy to create and maintain. You can create weather or other event messaging in advance and easily turn it on when necessary, or automate night mode. This customer service tool gives you complete control over the message your company puts out to the world.

ivr customer service tool

phone conference room


No longer do you have to pay for 3rd party conferencing services. With Switchvox, each user on the system can have their own audio conference room and you can host multiple conferences simultaneously. The extension-owner can even control the phone conferencing experience with announcement options, and who can talk in the conference. Gathering people together to collaborate and make decisions has never been easier.

One Number for Voice and Fax

Switchvox phone extensions can handle voice calls and faxes. So you can publish one phone number, and then let Switchvox send calls and faxes to the right place.

Incoming Faxes: Faxes arrive in your Switchvox Extension Mailbox. Notifications can arrive at the email address of your choice, or you can subscribe to your Mailbox (via IMAP) using your favorite email client. A preview of the fax is included in the email, so you can quickly respond to your customers.

Outgoing Faxes: Switchvox lets you use an outgoing fax machine, or print a file on your computer and send it as a fax. All outgoing faxes are kept in a Switchvox Extension Mailbox.

fax over voip customer service tool



Every user on Switchvox gets their own voicemail box and many ways to access their messages. Voicemail to email, visual voicemail from their User Portal or their Digium IP Phone, from the Switchvox Mobile App, or the Switchboard. Each user can also access their messages directly from Outlook, or other IMAP compatible mail client. This customer service tool allows your employees to listen to messages in their email and Switchvox automatically marks that message as read and turns the voicemail indicator off on the phone!

Music On Hold

With Switchvox, you have complete control over the message that your company puts out to the world. You can upload your own MP3 or .ogg files to play the music and advertising messaging that best suits your company. If you have an external music on hold player, you can connect it to Switchvox as well.

music on hold

Visualize Your Queues

The Switchboard includes real-time queue panels that provide queue members and queue managers alike with up-to-the-second status information for any call queue, including detailed information about calls waiting to be answered and active queue calls.

Meet Me Conference Room

With a Meet Me Conference Center, each of your phone extensions can have its own conference room. The extension-owner can even control the phone conferencing experience with announcement options, and who can talk in the conference.

Custom Voicemail Greetings

Create a different voicemail greeting for every situation.

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