Integrate Outlook with Switchvox

Over the years, you’ve amassed a list of contacts. You call them frequently but every time, you’ve got to do the “lookup dance”. You open Outlook (for Windows), open your contacts, find their record and then type the number into your telephone. And then the dance begins, did you dial the right phone number? Did you type it in correctly? Worry no more. With Switchvox for Outlook dial your contacts directly. The process is simple:

  • 1. Open your Outlook (for Windows) Contacts
  • 2. Find your contact
  • 3. Right-click and select “Dial”

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The key to a good relationship is communication. Why not start the conversation off on the right foot by knowing who’s calling before you even answer the phone.

Any time an Outlook contact record is matched during an incoming call, Switchvox for Outlook will provide a screen popup with their contact information. No longer is every call like the first call. Personalize your greeting to match your contact and make an impression that lasts.

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