Productivity Tools

Today’s worker faces a work environment full of distractions and obstacles and it’s important for your phone system to provide features to help your team stay productive. Switchvox gives your company simple, yet powerful unified communications productivity tools to help them stay on task while staying connected to each other and your customers at all times

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Additional Phones 

Bring Your Own Device is no longer something businesses can afford to ignore.  With Switchvox Additional Phones, you can connect your cell phone, home phone, or other office phone to your work extension.  Once connected, you can seamlessly transfer calls between devices as if they were all extensions on your corporate phone system.  No longer are you tethered to your desk.  Start a call on your desk and move it seamlessly to your cell phone.  Or from your cell phone to your home phone.

Personal Call Rules

With Switchvox's productivity tools, just because you’re away from your desk, doesn’t mean you’re unavailable. Switchvox provides each user the ability to manage their own personal call rules to be available more often and from more places. Personal call rules, oftentimes called Find-Me, Follow-Me, allow users to have incoming calls sent to their desk phone, mobile phone, home phone, or any other device. They can have those phone ring in some order, all at once, or not and all and go straight to voicemail. To make things simple, just change your status, and the correct call rule changes automatically so you can take calls anywhere at anytime.

personal call rules

presence productivity tool


One of the great benefits of Switchvox's productivity tools is the ability to manage your presence and view other team member’s status. Switchvox provides several ways to manage status and ensure that your teammates know when and how they can reach you. Change your presence to Away, Do Not Disturb, Available, or another customized status that you create to stay connected to your team. Users can view other people’s status from their Switchboard or Digium IP phone and know exactly how to communicate with someone.


The modern collaboration tools available in Switchvox-like conferencing, instant messaging, and video calling- give your company a competitive advantage by giving your team a greater ability to work together and share information. Users have the freedom to organize, participate in and record audio conferences, and other collaborative calls. They also have the flexibility to choose which device to use to collaborate: mobile phone, video phone, or ip phone.

collaboration productivity tools

Device Switch

Device switch allows users to seamlessly move calls from one device to the another.

Meet Me Conference Room

With a Meet Me Conference Center, each of your phone extensions can have its own conference room. The extension-owner can even control the phone conferencing experience with announcement options, and who can talk in the conference.


One glance at the Switchboard or your Digium IP phone shows you what your coworkers are up to. You can see whether they are on the phone, unavailable, or free to talk to you. And setting your own presence is easy; you can even log in and out of a queue and leave a note about when you'll return.

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