Switchvox for Salesforce saves you time - so you can focus on your customers

Your company wants data, your clients want your undivided attention - achieve both

Effectively tracking interactions between staff and customers is critical and every Salesforce note counts. In some cases that one additional documented communication could be key to winning the deal. Salesforce is a great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, if you can utilize it to your favor. Take the power of Salesforce and elevate it with Switchvox integration.

Make more phone calls

Save time when dialing a record’s phone number using Click-to-Dial in Salesforce.

Know who’s calling

Screen pops help you quickly know who is calling, so you can engage your customers with context.

Fast and accurate logging

Spend more time entering notes about your call and don’t worry about caller details, Switchvox for Salesforce will handle creating new activity logs.

Never forget to log a call

Finished a call but forgot to log it? Access your Switchvox Call Logs directly in Salesforce.

Log calls on your time

Don’t worry about running out of time before finishing your notes from the last call. Save a draft and come back to it at your convenience.

Share your Status

Keep your coworkers up to date on your availability by managing your status without having to leave Salesforce.

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An integration that’s powerful - and easy

Simple, stress-free implementation and configuration

When integrations are cumbersome to manage the value is diminished. Switchvox for Salesforce makes it easy for your administrators and end-user to receive the full value of the plugin.

  • For admins - Setup and quickly integrate Switchvox with your Salesforce service in 3 easy steps.

  • For end users - Salesforce users will be up and running in no time, all they need is their Switchvox login to begin taking advantage of Switchvox for Salesforce.

It’s difficult to justify the cost of another piece of corporate software. How do you justify software that simply ties two other entities together? The phone system and Salesforce.com already cost your company, so what’s the easiest way to justify an add-in to your management team? Digium even makes that easy. Switchvox for Salesforce is free! That’s right. This powerful utility works without any additional licensing, module, or software costs.

Why wait, try Switchvox for Salesforce today.

Switchvox Cloud - Hosted Phone System

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Switchvox On-Premises IP PBX

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