Switchvox proves that a fully-featured Unified Communications (UC) solution can be both simple and powerful.

No longer do you need to choose between a basic, featureless, simple phone system or fully-featured UC solution that requires specialized degrees to manage and maintain. Deciding to optimize business processes through your phone system no longer has to be a burdensome choice between cost and enhancement.

With a simple point-and-click, browser-based, interface, once complex tasks such as setting up speed-dials, looking up employees in a company directory, forwarding and transferring calls and even real-time video and chat, all become intuitive. Administrators, too, can now enjoy a phone system without all the complex programming languages, specialized commands and litany of buzzwords and technical jargon. The same point-and-click, modern, web-based interface focuses on enhancements to business processes, not just configuration.

The Switchboard

The Switchboard is an award-winning user productivity tool included for every Switchvox user. Switchboard gives each user their own bird’s-eye view into what is going on with the company’s communications in real time. Gone are the days of clumsily searching for the transfer button, or searching a typed-out list of extensions for the person you need. With Switchboard, it’s as simple as a click on a name to dial. You can also quickly send a call directly to someone's voicemail or mobile device!


Switchvox includes all of the modern collaboration tools you need to truly communicate. With tools like conferencing, instant messaging, and video calling, you give your company a competitive advantage and your team a greater ability to work together and share information. Users have the freedom to organize, participate in and record audio conferences, and other collaborative calls. They also have the flexibility to choose which device to use to collaborate: mobile phone, deskphone, or even a converged phone, like a home phone - all without losing the capabilities of their deskphone.

Simple Maintenance

Users aren’t the only ones to benefit from an easy interface. Even administrators can take advantage of Switchvox’s browser-based simplicity. There’s no complicated scripting, coding, or having to navigate a tangled web of illogical menus. Switchvox’s intuitive interface makes even the most complex task simple with drop-down menus, quick links, and in-GUI help buttons that take you directly to the needed section in the admin manual.

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