The Switchboard

The Switchboard is an award-winning user productivity tool included for every Switchvox user. Switchboard gives each extension a bird’s-eye view into what is going on with the company’s communications in real time and powerful control over their phone calls.
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switchvox switchboard user productivity tool

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Complete Call Control 

Deskphones are great, but today’s employee needs control from their desktop. With Switchboard user productivity tool, gone are the days of clumsily searching for the transfer button, or searching a typed out list of extensions for the person you need. Now you can click on a name to dial or directly to their voicemail or mobile device!

Switchboard user desktop

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Arm Your Employees With Vital Information

Nothing is more valuable than good information. Imagine how much more efficient your team could be if they knew who was calling, what company they were from, where they were calling from, and had all the notes from that customers last call, all before they answered the phone! Switchboard not only gives users caller ID information, but demographic details from Google Maps, title and location information for internal employees. If your company uses or Sugar CRM, you can get detailed account information and call notes delivered straight to your Switchboard before you would ever answer a call.

switchvox switchboard panels

Simple, Yet Powerful Training Tools

Switchboard provides managers with powerful, yet easy to use training tools so you can ensure that your team is saying and doing what they’ve been trained to do during a call.


Supervisors can listen into live calls with a click.

With whisper, supervisors can not only listen to the call, they can speak to their team member without the customer knowing they are there, allowing for training during a live call!

Barge allows supervisor the ability to become part of an active call. If a call needs management intervention for any reason, they can pop in with a click of the mouse.

Control Your Experience

Not every user is the same, so a cookie cutter user interface is not helpful for everyone. Call center agents require a different set of features than a receptionist or accountant. Switchboard is built with modular panels so they can be moved around, resized or removed completely, giving each user the ability to customize their Switchboard. It can be as simple or complex as the employee needs to do their job.

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