The Switchboard

The Switchboard is Switchvox’s powerful user productivity tool. This web-based application gives each user on your system a birds-eye view into what is going on with your company’s communications as well as desktop call control, and chat, all in real time. Though not required, Switchboard is included for every user with no additional license fees.

customizable switchboard

Completely Customizable for Every User

The Switchboard is completely customizable for each extension, and you can even have multiple Layouts for an extension. So your receptionist, your customer support rep, and your buyer can each have a few Switchboards that help them do their jobs better and faster.

Powerful Widgets

The Switchvox Switchboard includes several panels that deliver unique feature sets to your staff:

  • Current Calls: Place you current call on hold, record on the fly, transfer, or send an incoming call to your voicemail all with a simple click. 
  • Contacts: View your staff’s presence, click to dial, monitor/whisper/barge, chat, and intercom all from your Contacts.
  • Call Parking: Place calls on hold that everyone can see and pick up with a click. Great for picking up a call on another phone.
  • Queues: View real-time information for queues and queue menbers
  • Chat: Instant message any user from your company regardless of office.

switchvox switchboard panels

switchboard crm integration

Panels That Connect to You

The Switchvox Switchboard includes panels that can directly tie into your existing systems or other web services to give you vital information at your workers fingertips before they connect to the call. Retrieve customer data from, get demographic information from Google Maps, and much more. If the panel doesn’t already exist, use the Switchvox Extend API to build your own!

Unmatched Visibility

One glance at the Switchboard shows you what your coworkers are up to. You can see whether they are on the phone, unavailable, or free to talk to you. And setting your own presence is easy; you can even log in and out of a queue and leave a note about when you'll return.

switchvox switchboard