On-Site VoIP Phone System Options to Fit Your Business

Switchvox appliances give small to midsized companies a powerful, VoIP phone system to meet all the needs of their business in a single server. They come equipped with a quad-core processor, solid state drive, and the entire suite of advanced Unified Communications (UC) features available from Switchvox. As your business grows, you can seamlessly move to a larger system without having to purchase new software licenses. Compare Switchvox appliances and see which one is right for your business.

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Switchvox Appliances - E510 Switchvox Appliances - E520 Switchvox Appliances - E530 Switchvox Appliances - E540
Switchvox E510 Switchvox E520 Switchvox E530 Switchvox E540
Phones Phones150 Phones400 Phones700 Phones1000
Concurrent Calls Concurrent Calls50 Concurrent Calls100 Concurrent Calls200 Concurrent Calls200
Storage StorageSSD StorageSSD StorageSSD StorageMirrored SSD
Internal Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) iDRACNo iDRACNo iDRACiDRAC8 Enterprise iDRACiDRAC8 Enterprise

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Switchvox Appliances: Powered by Dell EMC™ Hardware

The E520, E530, and E540 models are powered by Dell EMC hardware, allowing you to take advantage of additional benefits and technologies. These models are backed by Next Business Day Parts and On-Site Service, a guarantee that warranty parts will be dispatched to arrive on-site the next business day and, if necessary, a technician will be dispatched. Additionally, the E530 and E540 models are embedded with the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 8 (iDRAC8) Enterprise with Lifecycle Controller to ease system administration and improve security.

Switchvox Appliances - E520 Switchvox Appliances - E530 Switchvox Appliances - E540

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Switchvox Appliance - E510

Switchvox E510

Designed for small businesses needing to support up to 150 phones and up to 50 concurrent calls.

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Switchvox Appliance - E520

Switchvox E520

Powered by Dell EMC hardware, the E520 is designed for small to midsize businesses needing to support up to 400 phones and up to 100 concurrent calls.

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Switchvox Appliance - E530

Switchvox E530

Powered by Dell EMC hardware, the E530 is designed for midsize businesses needing to support up to 700 phones and up to 200 concurrent calls and features the iDRAC8 Enterprise with Lifecycle Controller remote access tool.

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Switchvox Appliance - E540

Switchvox E540

Powered by Dell EMC hardware, the E540 is designed for midsize businesses needing to support up to 1000 phones and up to 200 concurrent calls. It features the iDRAC8 Enterprise with Lifecycle Controller remote access tool, a redundant power supply and RAID array of SSDs for unparalleled reliability and long-term uptime.

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  • Each participant in a conference call is considered one of the concurrent calls.
  • If your organization will need to record a large percentage of calls (~40%), you might consider purchasing a larger appliance than you would have based on the maximum concurrent calls (or the E540 over the E530).
  • Please contact Digium Sales if you plan to:
    • Use “Ring All” features to simultaneously ring a large number of phones for calls, queues, pages, or intercoms. 
    • Use Presence/Status features with most or all of your users.
    • Use Switchboard queue widgets for large numbers of queues with large numbers of members in those queues.
    • Have more than the maximum users, but are within the maximum concurrent calls.
  • Exceeding Digium's advertised number of maximum concurrent activities or conducting other concurrent activities not listed above can adversely impact call quality.

*Dell, EMC, and other trademarks are trademarks of Dell Technologies Inc. or its subsidiaries.


VoIP Protection

Want to protect your switchvox environment? A Session Border Controller (SBC) is the right way to do it!

Businesses connecting their infrastructure to a SIP Trunk, or VoIP connection, require a Session Border Controller (SBC) for security, interoperability and transcoding. Often times, businesses will forget the importance of an SBC when switching from their legacy phone system to VoIP and simply use their existing firewall for protection, and make a huge mistake!

  • A typical firewall can only protect your data network and as soon as you as you open it up to the internet, which is how you connect to VoIP services, the entire network is exposed.
  • The other pitfall of using your existing firewall, instead of an SBC, is that phone calls may not connect or there will be audio issues. An SBC will automatically do the call translations for you, with the built-in interoperability features and also translate the audio with built-in transcoding capabilities.
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