VoIP Phone System Options to Fit Your Business

Switchvox appliances come in multiple sizes so that you can have a powerful, VoIP phone system to meet the needs of your company today. And, you can easily future-proof your business for tomorrow too. As your business grows, with Switchvox Anywhere, you can seamlessly move to a larger system or the cloud with minimal associated costs and network changes. Compare Switchvox appliances and see which one is right for your business.

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  • If you have more users but are within the Max Concurrent Activities, please contact Digium Sales to determine which size hardware you need.
  • All appliances can be purchased without software as a Cold spare for failover or upgrade purposes.
  • All appliances come with a standard 1-year hardware warranty.
  • All Switchvox VoIP phone systems require a room temperature of 50˚C or lower.
  • Exceeding Digium's advertised number of maximum concurrent activities or conducting other concurrent activities not listed in this advertisement can significantly adversely impact call quality.