Switchvox Phone Feature Packs Offer Easy Configuration

Switchvox Phone Feature Packs allow you to integrate your Polycom and Snom phones with Switchvox to add greater flexibility and control for users and administrators.

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Phone Options

  • Distinctive ringtones - Custom ringtones can be played based on the number that’s calling, the type of call (such as queue or direct calls), or a ring hint that has been applied to a call

  • Click to call - Available for Switchboard, Notifier, Firedialer and any calls created with Switchvox Extend API

  • Missed call notification option - Users can enable or disable their missed call notifications, which is particularly useful for businesses with call centers

  • Customize the line labels on the phone

Options for Administrators

  • Multiple extensions per phone—Add up to two additional extensions registered to a single phone (support for this feature dependent on handset capability)

  • Option to change the digit map timeout

  • Failover to a backup server—Extensions can be registered to two Switchvox SMB servers, providing a higher level of survivability

  • Option to define a custom NTP server

  • Enhanced VoIP Security—Default security option only allows phone calls to be received only from the Switchvox system

Supported Polycom Phones

Phone Feature Packs for Polycom phones offer support for multiple VVX and SoundPointIP models. For a complete list, see the knowledgebase article Supported Polycom Phones.

snom Phones are Also Supported

Switchvox Phone Feature Packs for snom phones do not include all of the features as the Polycom phones. The Additional Phone Options, excluding Distinctive Ringtones, and the Options for Administrators are available for snom phones:

300, 320, 360, 370, 820, 870, MeetingPoint

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