NOTICE:  Digium is no longer adding new customers to Switchvox Rescue

Rescue is a Digium Cloud Services offering that allows Switchvox on-premises customers to have emergency recovery should their PBX fail. With one phone call to Digium Technical Support, your company will be able to maintain contact with your customers and employees during the unexpected. Protect your company’s communications from:


Weather Event

Server Crash

Internet/Telco Interruption

Power Loss

Switchvox Advanced Call Routing Keeps You Up and Running

No longer do you have to worry about weather events or service downtimes bringing your business to a halt. During a rescue event, Switchvox Rescue uses the advanced call routing available in Switchvox to keep your business up and running by:

  • Sending calls to your IVR to route to extensions, queues and more
  • Informing your customers and employees or maintaining business as usual by playing messages and announcements
  • Routing calls to your employee’s mobile devices or landline phones

Now you can maintain contact with your customers and employees in any situation.

Get Back to Business Seamlessly and in Minutes

Switchvox Rescue delivers a quick and simple way to get your company going again after an emergency. Rescue provides:

  • A single phone call process to Digium and your rescued system will be up and taking calls within minutes.
  • An automated recovery process that ensures minimal downtime
  • Web access to manage your Rescued system from anywhere
  • Easy setup and configuration snapshots are securely uploaded nightly
  • Seamless cutover when combined with Digium SIP Trunking

How It Works

  1. Sign up for Switchvox Rescue and 1 Digium SIP Trunking DID
  2. Digium Cloud Services will take an emergency snapshot of your appliances nightly
  3. When you realize you phone system is down, call Digium Technical Support
  4. Digium Support will apply your snapshot to a Switchvox Cloud instance
  5. We’ll give you administrative access to get your emergency rules in place


  • Order Switchvox Rescue as a DCS service
  • Have an active SIP trunking account with DCS, with at least one 911 DID
  • Be a Gold, Platinum or Titanium subscription level and subscription must be current
  • Be running Switchvox version 5.11 or later software and keep current with releases as they are made available