Switchvox Subscription Matrix

Switchvox and Subscriptions

Continued Support and Ease of Mind

Switchvox Platinum Subscriptions include software-maintenance and technical support, so you can keep Switchvox up-to-date with the latest features and functionality, and talk with our knowledgeable and professional technical support staff if you ever have any questions. When you purchase a Switchvox Registration Code for the first time, you also purchase a Switchvox User for each phone you need.


When you initially activate your Switchvox Registration Code and Switchvox Users with Subscriptions, that process:

  • Sets the dates for your Subscriptions service-year. Subscription service is active for one year from the date of activation (not to exceed 90 days from the date of shipment/delivery by Digium to a customer, distributor, reseller, end user or OEM). To extend that service date for additional years, you can buy Renewal products.
  • Sets the number of available phone-type extensions, to a number equal to the quantity of Switchvox User products that you activated.

A Switchvox with active Subscriptions is entitled to:

    Switchvox Subscriptions Technical Support Icon
  • Technical Support

    24x7 phone and online support, with 4-hour, Monday-Friday target-response times (Maximum of 5 after-hours incidents).

  • Switchvox Subscriptions Maintenance Icon
  • Software Maintenance

    Software maintenance provides updates to the Switchvox software, including bug fixes, minor point-code, and major releases, along with access to Subscription-based features such as the Desktop Softphone.

Managing Subscriptions

  • Activate Subscriptions - Use this tool if you have purchased new subscriptions.
  • The Subscriptions Wizard - Use the wizard to buy new users, subscriptions, renew expiring subscriptions, or find your subscription expiration date.

The Subscription-expiration date can also be found in the following locations:

Extensions that Require User Subscriptions

You may already be familiar with Switchvox and all of the different Extension Types that you can create inside the system. It is important to note that you do not need to purchase a User product for every extension you create in Switchvox.

These Extension Types require a User product:

  • SIP Phone or SIP Adapter for Analog Phone (ATA)
  • Analog Phone
  • Virtual Extension

If you have one person using multiple Digium Phones (desktop phones or the Switchvox Softphone), you only need one User product for that person. For example, if someone needs a desk phone and the softphone app, or they need a second desk phone at home, only one User product is required.

Switchvox Subscriptions - Adding Users

Adding Users After Initial Purchase

A Switchvox User that is added after the initial activation uses the same service dates as the other active User Subscriptions already in place. If there are multiple years of service involved, additional Subscription Renewal(s) must be purchased and activated at the same time as the new User. For example, to add a new phone extension on 2/28/17 to a Switchvox Platinum system activated on 1/1/17 with 20 active User Subscriptions that are expired on 1/1/20, you would purchase and activate a 1 Switchvox User with 1 Year Platinum Support and Maintenance Subscription, and a 2 Year Switchvox Platinum Support and Maintenance Subscription Renewal for 1 user. At that point, the Switchvox has 21 Users, and service is expired on 1/1/20.


Subscriptions for each phone-type extension must be renewed to

  • Continue to receive technical support
  • Apply Switchvox software updates
  • Operate the Subscription-based features

Subscription Renewal(s) are purchased in 1-year, 2-year, or 4-year increments. Multi-year renewals are discounted, and may be purchased at any time.

For an initial purchase, 2-year renewals provide a total of 3 years of support (the first initial year of support plus the 2 years of the 2-year renewal) and 4-year renewals provide a total of 5 years of support (the first initial year of support plus the 4 years of the 4-year renewal).

For renewals, all active User Subscriptions on the system are renewed against the service expiration date, regardless of the date they were added. For example: If the system has 10 users, and half-way through the service-year 5 users are added, 15 Subscription Renewals are required to renew for the next service year.

Lapsed Subscriptions

If you do not renew your Subscriptions, Digium's obligation to provide technical support services, updates of Switchvox software, and continued use of Subscription-based features is terminated on your service expiration date.

If Subscriptions lapse, the software itself will continue to function with the following exceptions:

  • Phone-users will not be able to log into the Desktop Softphone.
  • Switchboard widgets that are hosted by Digium including the Google map and Salesforce.com will not function.
  • You will not be able to add any additional phone-type extensions, unless you purchase a legacy subscription.
  • You will not be able to view, retrieve, or apply any additional Switchvox software updates, including bug fixes.

If your Subscriptions lapse, then

  • You are subject to a Support Reinstatement Fee in addition to the Subscription Renewal costs.
  • Renewals backfill to the original date of expiration. Meaning, if your Subscriptions expired 5 months ago, and you purchase 1-year Subscription Renewals today, your Subscriptions will expire 7 months from today, not 12 months. If your Subscriptions expired 15 months ago, you must purchase 2-year renewals today, and your Subscriptions will expire 9 months from today, not 24 months. So, it is best not to let your subscriptions expire.

Support for Unknown Hardware Configurations

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any level of performance for an unknown hardware configuration. An unknown hardware configuration is any scenario outside of a Switchvox Appliance, or Switchvox in a VMware environment. If you are using your own hardware and encounter an issue, Switchvox Technical Support will attempt to help you until such time as we determine that the issue may be hardware-related. At that point, we may require that you resolve the issue on your own, or that you use Switchvox in a supported scenario.

IMPORTANT: The Switchvox installation will DELETE any existing data on your server.

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